My trip to Orlando

In january,of 2018 I traveled to Orlando . I went with my mother ,my father and my sister on our vacation . It was incredible , i loved a lot. It wasn`t my first time in Orlando , but i liked it the same way . I did a lot of things there and I went to many places too for exemple to the mall , to a basketball game , to disney, to bush gardens and to universal .Who took this photo was my sister luciana in front of Cinderella`s Casttle , in Magic Kingdom. It was a litte bit difficult to took this photo because there were a lot of people going through and messing the photo . It was a great experience and I want to come back to Orlando again . This trip was one of my favorite !


The place where the dreams come true

                                                               In 2016 I went with my whole family to the United States,we were in 13 people!It was an awesome experience,we stayed in a house,I thought that being in a house was really cool and it was!It was my grandparents and my aunt’s first time there,they look like kids in the parks,they went crazy!My another aunt was pregnat, so she didn’t went to many rides but, she had a great time there.I think it was my best trip in my whole life but, in 2018 we are going to go back there with my cousin,my future sister and my another granparents.