My Favorite Photo____ “An Protagonist”

This is Doroty. Wait, wait. This girl is a Boy?!? And this boy is me?!? NOOOOOOOO! Why, world?

My favorite photo is when I was a little, little, little and FAT child. I remember that I has a beautiful curly hair- I look like Doroty-. For this reason, I’ve been choosed to be the protagonist who, in chrismas, prey for gods to see Santa Claus (Because, in Chrismas, Jesus don’t matter, he only died for us life… Yeah? A simple thing that everyone does today…). But, this day, a female angel (who was my P.A teacher) arrives and bring me to Santa Claus’ slaves fabric… Kidding! just and normal toys fabric.  I act like a young, poor and cute child. My mom was so happy that cried. My school’s personal Photograph took this photo after the apresentation, when I left the Theater whit my school friends and parents and went to an place that a I dont remember who is. This happened  in 2011 or 2012, I don’t remember too (Oh god, my memory is terrible!).I like this photo because I was an “cute” kid and because this is the first photo that I remember. I keep this photo in the living room, on a table

When I went to Rio

20141206_122822_3-1This photo was taken on december of 2014, when me and my family traveled to Rio de Janerio, my father took this photo.

That was the second day of the travel, on that day we went to Pão de Açúcar and Cristo Redentor.

On the moment of the photo my father said to me and my mom stay one on the side of the other to him take the photo, when we were next to the Cristo.

I like this photo because I am with my mom and I love her, the weather was cool and all there is beautiful.

A special birthday

on my first birthday, my mother decided to baptize me. My sister was my godmother and my brother my godfather. After my baptism, my family prepared a  really big party for me. My grandmother died one week after this event. my mother stayed really sad but happy at the same time, why only she can participate in something important in my life. This day was really special day bacause, my mother, my sisters and brothers, all my family had a great time together, eat a lot of food, talk about funny things, and stay with my grandmother a lot of time. They talk about this day every christmas. They say it was the best birthday of the world.


One day in Santiago’s park


Well, I traveled to Santiago- Chile in 30/12, in this day we past 6 hours on the airplane. When we got there was around 18 hours or 20 I don’t remember,  we got the car and go to the Hotel. The other day was almost new year.  We went to breakfast,  and then we went to a park on Chile, there shows, plants and water, similar to the zoo we went in Buenos Aires- Argentina a fell years before (2011-2012), was a really beautiful there, the 1st place we stop to take pictures was in the fountain ( THE PICTURE THERE), we found a Brazilian girl that take the family picture.  I love that place, the worst part was that we went up stairs to se the “Cordilheira dos Andes” , was incredible the view up there, perfect on my opinion. Was worth it went up climbed many steps to saw that view!

My travel to Orlando!


This picture is very important for my life because was my first Travel to the other Country, in the travel I spent two days in Orlando and fun in 7 parks. My favorite park is the Magic Kingdom and Blizzard Beach where I play in several toys in the park, in the travel I went with company CVC and I Know several people. I really Liked the travel and I have the best trip in my life!

The day I met a eyebrowless woman


When My father took this photo we were on the Louvre Museum in Paris, also, I was getting pushed by a crowd, that also wanted to took a picture like this one. I like this picture a lot because I really like art, specially, Leonardo Da Vinci’s art, every painting made by him that I’ve ever seen is amazing, and this is my favorite photo because I think that is his best painting at all. This painting is called Mona Lisa and, it wasn’t really finished, Da Vinci died first and even not being finished it is an amazing painting, on the right side of the painting it is me, I was really happy that I have finally seen this painting, with her impressive beautiful eyebrowless face, the few seconds that I could look to it were really good, just like the time had stopped, it was an amazing momet.