The Epcot Park


One of favorite photos is this one of me and my family in a Disney park, called Epcot. One of the employees of the park took the photo in 2016, when we were in Orlando. We were in one of the four Disney parks, Epcot and, in this photo, we are behind the Epcot Globe. I like this photo because the day was so funny and nice. I have the picture on my phone and on my computer with another photos of Disney.


The lab experiment

One of my favorite photos is this one of me in my school.

My mom took this photo in March 2017 at my school: Nossa Senhora de Lourdes.

In this photo I was posing wearing a coat next to lab and smiling. There is a bag in my hands. There is a slime in this bag. I did this slime in the lab with simple things. I didn´t want to take this photo but my mom convinced me to take this and now I like this photo too much.

I like this photo because this is after I had my first class of quimician on the lab and this day was very cool.

I have this photo in my mother’s phone and this photo was a little difficult to find because my mom have many photos in her phone. I saw many of them but the only that represent a cool thing is that.

My favourite photo

This is one of my favourite photos of me.

My mom took the photo on January 2018 when we were on vacation with my aunt and cousins in London.

We were at a museum called Natural History Museum. It is an old, big building full of dinosaurs bones and we learn about the history of the universe. I was very interested at the museum, but my little cousin was sick and we couldn’t stay much time.

I like this photo because it makes me remember a good time.

I have the photo in my cellphone.


 This is my favorite photo.

My mother took this photo when my family went to Fortaleza in July 2017, this photo is in Engenhoca Parque.

When my mother took this photo I use the archery for hit the target, and I hit and won.

I like this photo because I think is very bealtiful, I like to practice this sport and I hit the target.

I have this photo in my galery in cellphone and in my computer.

My favourite photo :)


I love this photo because is with my friend from another school,Mari.

I took this photo in 10 march in my friend´s party,i love it!

I love saw Mari,she is so funny!In the parthy we dance a lot,when I took his photo,she arrived and I said tath we want to take a photo and we take!

I love this photo because I remember my friend and the party!

I have and took this photo in a app HUJI, it´s so funny!

image1-3  One of my favorite photos is this one because  when I took this photo I was in the car leaving the farm of my aunt in Gravatá. It was late afternoon, in the beginning of the year, probably in March. Who took this photo was I, but with the phone of my brother because my phone was in the bag.

In this farm had many horses. There I learned how to ride a horse with my friend and it was fun. There was all my family and two friends who I invited to spend the weekend .

I keep this photo on my wall and on my phone with other pictures I took that day.

Cold Alps

One of my favorite photo is in the Switerland of the Alps.

My mother took this photo because for us in Brazil is very beautiful.

She loved there because is very different of the Brazil,and there she bought many things there and was a very nice vacation.

One of the diferences are the temperature because is very cold.

I have this photo in my computer because e so beatiful.


My Favorite Photo

One of my favorite photos I was with my family and my friends.

My mom tooked this photo in 2015 in the vacation , in the  photo is me and my brother.

We were in a very beatiful beach in Maceió .This beach is one of the most popular beachs in Maceió is the Francês Beach . My family were in a restaurant but me and my brother were taking a photo , playing , having fun and looking how was beatiful the beach.

I like this photo because I was with my brother and this photo show how we get very well , and reminds me how was that day.

I have this photo in my cellphone, in my computer and in a picture frame.