it is my favorit photo because it was my first CCXP and I was with my friends.My brother took this photo when we were leaving the event.I have this photo on my cell phone and I like this photo because it was my first comic con and i was with my friends and I  met this amazing Reaper costplay .

Me and the show!

luisa m    This foto is one of my favorite photos. Is me and my mother.

My sister, Marina took this photo, in the winter of 2009. On Portugal, when I lived in there.

We were in a city in Portugal called Serra da Estrela. In winter, this city turn a ski station, so, my family bought a equipament for kids ski, and my mother was go test, in this picture, I was pull my mother in this equipament, it’s so cool!

I love this photo because this moment was so funny, and I have good memories.

I have this foto in a frame on my shelf in my bedroom, with other photos that I like too.



My favorite photo!

FullSizeRenderThis is my favorite photo, i felt a model, was the best sensation ever!

I was in the beach when the photographer ask to me if i want to take some photos. In this travel was me, my friend, my mom and my grandmother. We took a lot of photos, but the most special was that. Was august twelve, about five o clock.

I was in SERHS HOTEL, in Natal-RN. It was carnival of 2013, we went to the beach and the pool this day, after we go to have a lunch. This hotel is fantastic, big pool, in front of the beach, good localization (Vila Costeira), good food, good acomodations…

I love this photo because was a travel with two people of my family and one friend, this photo made me so much happy.

I have this photo in a frame on my mom’s shelf and is my photo in facebook.