My trip to Orlando

In january,of 2018 I traveled to Orlando . I went with my mother ,my father and my sister on our vacation . It was incredible , i loved a lot. It wasn`t my first time in Orlando , but i liked it the same way . I did a lot of things there and I went to many places too for exemple to the mall , to a basketball game , to disney, to bush gardens and to universal .Who took this photo was my sister luciana in front of Cinderella`s Casttle , in Magic Kingdom. It was a litte bit difficult to took this photo because there were a lot of people going through and messing the photo . It was a great experience and I want to come back to Orlando again . This trip was one of my favorite !



was when my mother began working as a dentist and I had the privilege of being her first patient to clean my teeth. After that my father called my mother announcing a surprise, mine had bought a ticket to the United States for tomorrow and  we were very excited, that’s how my first trip to disney started. On the trip, we met a couple who became our friends.


i took this photo   in gravata . I was in the playground playing in the tire swing when, my mother took the photo. I was 4 years old,  I  went to gravatar because it was Sao joao and my father rent a room in the hotel for  we celebrate together. This day was my favorite, because i had a surprise my old  brother visited me and we played a lot!


  1. This history was happened in january. Me and my friends traveled to muro alto and we staied at marulhos hotel. when we were at the beach,some boys called us to a soccer champion chip with others boys then stay at other hotels. And we go. The champion chip haved six teams,with two groups of three and the two betters teams of each grup pass to semi-final. we were very anxious to the games because the champion team received an amount of 200 reais. we win two games of three and we pass to semi-final. at semi-final the game was very disputed and went to penalts.we win and pass to final we started the game losting but at the end we can turn and be champion!!!