This picture was taken on May 26, 1945 in the photo shows a kamikaze gang hours before these boys boarded their explosive planes to go on a mission without a return, this was the last photo taken from this kamikaze group. These pilots who were college students who learned to fly a plane with a 250kg bomb, but were not told to land the pilots because they did not believe it would be necessary as they would not return to base.

for those who don’t know what kamikazes are i will explain a little bit about what they are: Kamikaze is a Japanese expression meaning “divine wind” and is still used today to refer to Japanese army pilots who were sent on suicide missions where the Mitsubishi Zero fighter was deliberately used as a missile. how the attack of the Kamikaze battalions would have arisen. However, there is always agreement to say that it was Vice Admiral Takijiro Onishi who fought and encouraged the new mode of attack, which he called kamikaze in reference to an event of 1281, where a wind prevented the ships of the conqueror Mongol Kublai. Khan invaded Japan. Takijiro had the idea of ​​designing this new method of attack after observing the conduct of some pilots. When they were badly injured or with extremely damaged planes, they chose to fly over enemy bases to launch fighters on the Americans. This behavior was not considered suicidal since there was little chance of the pilot saving his life and deciding to give his life to keep his nation safe.

The reasons It is estimated that over 2,500 pilots committed suicide in the kamikaze attacks, which killed nearly 15,000 Americans and sank and damaged 276 ships. The biggest kamikaze attack took place in Okinawa, where more than 300 aircraft plunged into a US base at the same time. One of the reasons why the Japanese joined in such an attack was their sacramental fear of mission dishonor and failure, and the utter contempt for the idea of ​​being captured by the enemy – to them it was more feared than death. Despite countless sacrifices, the victory of the country in World War II was not possible and a few months after the surrender of ally Germany, Japan also had to give in. On the night of the surrender, the creator of the kamikaze operations, Vice Admiral Takijiro Onishi committed suicide by hara-kiri and left a note in which he apologized to all the pilots who died because their sacrifice had been in vain.