The story behind the photo

In 2016 I was traveling with my family in Rio De Janeiro, I was very happy, after a day with very walks for turistic points I was very tired but me and my family went for more one turistic point, the pão de açúcar, when we arrived at pão de açúcar we took the cable car. I was very amazed with teh vision but when I took a look to the mountain I saw a man clibing the big mountain I was scared, and i took this photo.

The Story Behind a Photo- Laís Lima T3J1

                                  The Best Trip

In 25/03/2016, I went to Fernando de Noronha to celebrate the birthday of my brother. I went with my mom, my dad and my brother. I loved! It´s amazing and pretty. The water of the beach is clistarin

I stayed in small hotel, I didn´t like! Taking the hotel everythink was wonderful, the restaurants, the beach, the animals, the people, the landscape… A bad think was that everythink was expensive, the water was 10 reais.

I really want to go back to Fernando de Noronha!


The story behind a photo- Ana Beatriz Leite T3J1



The best competition was in João Pessoa on September days 8, 9 and 10, 2017. I played basketball, we won second place. The first place was for the team of Rio Grande do Norte, they were really good. This competition it was really cool because we met people from other states of Brazil, next year we are going to Maceió.

the history behind the photo

This photo was taken in Triunfo, Pernambuco. When I travelled to Triunfo I was 12 years old and I travelled with my mother and my cousin. On this Day I was going to a waterfall and the guide stopped in a place called Pico do papagaio where many tourists went to take photos of the sunset. I arrived in Pico do papagaio at 3 o’clock and I stayed there waiting for the sunset into 5 o’clock. When the sunset appeared everybody loved it because it was beautiful and after that I came back to the hotel because was very late to go to the waterfall.

The story behind a photo

      This picture was taken when i went to Disney for my first time. It was in 2014, i was 10 years old and i was in Magic Kingdom, a famous park of Disney. At the moment of the photo was taken we are watching one of the beautiful and traditional parades of this park. Behind the parade we can see the Cinderella’s Castle, an incredible and majestic building.

       This travel was amazing, i went to Disney’s four biggest parks: Animal Kingdom, Magic Kingdom, Epicot and Hollywood Studios. I went to a lot of roller coasters and attractions and this was really funny.

       One year after this voyage, i went to Disney again, but at this time with my father’s family and this was as funny as the first.  I really like so much this travels and because of that i am looking forward to my next trip to the U.S.A!

                              This was the story behind this photo, bye bye and see you again!

The story behind a photo

This is my dog. His name is Alvo and he is a Golden Retriver. When my family and me decided to have a dog, we went to a dog kennel and we saw four little dogs. we choose the most beautiful dog and we named it Alvo honoring Alvo Dumbledore of Harry Potter. When he arrivedst my house, he played with his ball, he ates and sleeped. We keep holding he in the arm and tickling. We took him to my godfather´s house and he was filled with sand and prickly pear.


Alvo ate a lot of socks, sneackers, flip flops, clothespins, furnitures of the kitchen, our food when we were not paying atenttion, etc. We took him top Aldeia this year and the people loved him and he did a golden retriver friend, Oliver. He rans a lot and  played with us.

Now Alvo is bigger and more beautiful.

The Story Behind A Photo

My mother took this photo on my first day on karate class. My brother already made, and my parents                         wanted me to do too, but I didn’t want. But my father continued insisting and my Shiran(karate teacher)                  convinced me to make just one class, and he said that if I don’t liked, I don’t continue. So I went on that day            and I really liked, so I decided to do, and I’m training until today.                                                                                     

A Story Behind a Photo

 In this photo i went to U.S.A, and i was in the Epcot Center one amazing park. Me and my family to there in 2014 september, it was my firt trip to out of the coutry. That park have kind of neighborhoods one for each word power(countreis) so is really amazing we begin in Germany,than we go to Japan, have lunch on Italy and desert on France, we stop a little to my granparents rest,and than we go to the big ball that you can see in the  photo . We pass like 7hours in the park, and then we watch a a game ofamerican footbal. It was amazing.

Lose the game but not the day

This is one of my favorites days on my life. I played soccer with the scool time its a great time but we lost the competishion I’m not so good on this game but the trainer came next to the time and said to we do a good game a perfect game. i’m was runing to the goal when I drop in a small stone and hurt my foot. I’m in the reserve I was waiting my hurt stay better. When the game started the oder time came with the ball and kiked the ball was speed and went in the goal. One x zero in the second time I started to play. We had a chance to do one goal and Walter the best player of  the time were kiking the ball a player apear in front of Walter and play the ball to a distant place. We lost the game but I love this day.


    This story is about my older brother’s marriage. This party was in my father’s chacara and it was a big party. There were many celebrations and food and with that I celebrated a lot and I ate too. I played with my cousin who has been born and with my brother and sister. At this party. I met several people who were friends of my father and my brother, at the end of the marriage, many people cried, but it was very cool.