The Story Behind a Photo, Ramon Teen 3 G1.

The day that i meet Fausto Silva, or only Faustão.
I was 7 years old and was passing the vacation in São Paulo, with my father and his family, at the house of my aunt and my cousins, when we decided to visit the shopping Iguatemi, to buy some things and eat at McDonald´s, but, i didn´t felt very well, so i needed to pass at the drugstore to buy something, or i will vomit. After i bcame better, my father wanted to buy some clothes at Brooksfield, and after drink something, but, at the rote to the restaurant, we saw a overweight guy that we already saw in some place. He was using a black jacket, he has a REALLY big guy following, just look liked a security besides that, had 5 or 6 people following he. seeing that, we became curious, and went see who was that guy, and when we got closer, my father look liked as: Oh my GOD! Is Faustão!
He ran near Fausto and asked to he take a photo with me and my cousin,  so he laughed and accepted, and it is.

the story behind the photo-Pedro Almeida-T3J1



On August 6, 1945, this photo was taken after the bomb exploded. The bomb Little Boy was the bomb that decimated. It destroyed an entire city and killed several people and also left thousands of people contaminated with radiation in Japan.

The story behind this photo was that because of a conflict between Japan and the United States that occurred when Japan decided to attack Pearl Harbor Military Base, this attack was a shift from Japan to territorial expansion.

It is with the grudge of Japan that when the war ended, they threatened Japan with the bombs, and as Japan refused, the United States threw the bombs in Japan.

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A photo to remember

This photo was in the end of June, I  went with my friends in a school travel to São Paulo. When we arrived by plane, the weather was cold, 14º, everyone got close, we take a breakfast in the airport, was so expensive. After that, we came to the bus, all my friends went to the bottom and I stayed with a girl of 16 years old, on the front, I didn’t know her, i was very nervous, but I started to talk with her and she is a really good person, we talked a lot of about politics, life and anything in the hole trip. we went to a theater, there was to be very popular theater in the city, but the people don’t go to theather like the past. After a day of activites, we stayed on the Hotel H3, where I stayed with my brother in a room, but we talked with our friends on they room until 3:00 am. And at that time I was driking a can of coca cola on the floor and my friend came take a photo.


A story Behind a Photo (Sophia Galindo – Teen 3 – G1)

Our trip back to Brazil was scheduled for August 2, at 17:59 with connection in New York and Rio de Janeiro.

We left our stay at about 11am, headed for the bus stop that was practically in front, bound for the nearby Eglinton tube station, but packed with luggage, would be more complicated. From there, our destination would be Toronto Pearson International Airport where we would take the bus that would drop us at the airport. It sounds like a lot of trouble, but everything is very simple.

We checked, checked baggage, went through immigration. All right, we went to the departure lounge to hold the flight call. With about 30 minutes to clear the departure gate, we headed to the ticket counter to present a passport and travel. I stayed with Hector (My brother), and Yuri (My Daddy) went with Sophia. Then I noticed a different movement, Sophia gesturing, the attendant too, got up and went to try to find out what was going on.

The girl, not speaking Portuguese, tried to explain that she had a cancellation on the flight to New York, and our shipment would only be on the 4th and would arrive in Brazil on the 5th, with connection in Sao Paulo. I said no, that my flight was that day, and in Brazil, I would pass through Rio de Janeiro. She was agonized, trying to make herself understood, and repeatedly said: delay delay, five day … Pointing at the monitor, wanting to be clearer, and I saw two flight options, the first for New York to wait for a seat in Sao Paulo, you don’t know what time, then Recife, or the next day we go to Lisbon, and from there direct flight to Recife.

We think it  crazy. What do you mean Lisbon?

I looked at Yuri and said, call your friend, who speaks English well, and see if what we are understanding is right. Then, by phone, he communicated with the attendant, and confirmed everything. So we didn’t have much choice, we accepted to go to Lisbon.

Dante, Yuri’s friend, offered his house for the night. Detail that his house is across the subway line, and we accept. We took our luggage, one large, one medium and two small, we paid new tickets and made the trip back to their home

From Finch Station to the entrance to his house, we had to take a giant, packed suitcase. I couldn’t take the bag anymore, and Sophia took strength and I don’t even know about it and said, ” c’mon, mom, i’ll take your bag “.



The Story Behind The Photo – Matheus – Teen 3 G1


hat day, I was about 1 year old crawling around the house, until the idea came to me to hold the furniture and try to walk, when they saw they were scared, because I had no difficulty trying to walk, soon after I dropped the furniture and I started walking alone, which surprised many, for many people these ordinary days are not so important, but for me it’s a lot, because then I was able to do many things like playing soccer, my greatest passion.

My travel to São Paulo

  1. This photo was, when I went for São Paulo’s City,  with my family (I , my Mother and my Sister). I stayed ind the house of my grandparents, in the vacation. When was there, I went for Catavento’s museum, this museum talk about science, geography, history, astronomy and physical, in the museum has a lot of experiments, explanations and curiosities about phenomens of the nature, (this photo show  a poster  about curiosities about the animals camoufage). I went in the beggining of this year (2018). I already went several times, but I like always time when I go.

The story behind the photo

 A green Mistake


   Its was happened on Carnival, me and my cousins were doing notinhg when we decided to paint our hair. When we got the box of the hair dye, we didn’t know   that has two types of the dye, hair dye and styrofoam dye, so we got the styrofoam dye. When we finished paiting, we look the dye, it takes me 1 hour for removed the color. This photo its for my cousin’s instagram, our clothes and my brush it’s green now. This photo it’s so important for me because we laughed for a long time, and it’s gonna be my keepsake of this carnival. 


the history behind the photo


This photo is very important it me because this photo was taking the night after the pass the day in the bath park in Fortaleza (Ceará) this day was better in my live . my father took this photo with my sister your name is Lorena she have 5 years old she me too loved the travel  this moment we were in the hotel Jade closer the park  were a travel in family because this was better in my lave and because I liked  all the moments even with mistakes.

This trevol Was the best of my life because oficial the fum and because It Was a family trip.

The best of Beach park’s toys Was the 2 shivers pink and green