The Crew

This photo was taken in 2017 when me and my crew went to do a job in my house, we went with my driver, Joel, I had not warned him that it would take so many people and so it was very funny when I saw his reaction. We laughed a lot and ate a pizza in the van, since from that day Joel has never been the same again.

summer house

 One of my favorite photo is this when I was with my cousin, Lucas in the summer house of my grandpa.

 He took the photo in the sumer of 2014, when I was waking up fixing up my hair.

 The summer house of my grandpa, stay in a city called Maragogi. He will take a photo mine because I was sleeping but I got up and he took that picture.

 I like this photo because I am with my  cousin on vocation and I’m with a very sleepy face

On the morning of this day I went to the beach and to a barbecue so I was very tired and when I get home I fell asleep. And he like a good cousin he will take a photo of me sleeping.


The game of my life

fotoIn june i was travelling to Minas gerais, the city it´s so beautiful, quiet and the people it´s so cool, but the city it´s so dangerous.

I saw the game  of my live, the game is Germany against Brazil, the famous seven one, the result of the game wasn´t good.

The fans were very excited to saw the game, in twenty minuts the game is five, zero for germany and the fans don´t now wthad do, everbory was craided when the first time end.

In the end of the game i saw one crazy guy with one tatto,and the tatoo had one bad word for the fifa it was a insult.