Trip to Madrid

This photo was in Madrid and i like it beause i realized one of my dream, that was to visit one stadium of european team.  In this case it was the Real Madrid, and i found very cool, i visit all the parts of stadium, since museum to field.

The rest of the day, we spent the afternoon buying clothes and other thing. At the end of the day, we went to Reina Sofía Museum, where Pablo Picasso´s famous guernica, after that, we dined in one restaurant of typical spanish food.


Afghan girl

3a                                           Sharbat Gula was 12 years old when she was photographed during a reporter of “National Geographic” about the sovietic occupation in Afghanistan. It became one of the most famous photos in the world. In 2002, the photographer Steve McCurry, author of the photograph, met Gula again, when she was 30, in a remote region of Afghanistan. She had no idea of the impact that her photo caused in the occidental civilization.

Author of the photo: Steve McCurry

my importants moments.

this photo is very important to me because my familyis all together and we are celebrating the 50th birthday of my father who was a very nice party for him and my family, we play in, drank my uncles and my father loved to party Commemorative we made it to the party and me and my brother opened a champagne and played on my dad and he got angry and threw me grounded for 1 week.but out that the party was exellent all mostly liked my parents.533146_437960126231436_2063741110_n


My travel

2013-01-24 11.20.50            This is my family, we went to Fortaleza in 2013.This place is the canopy,we were very afraid, because the place  was too high.After the climb we were eating, the food was very nice, and  we went to museum for see the various paintings and statues. For finish my father and my mother took us to the car and went to my aunt’s house.

The best photo

This photo  is very special to me,because  is an image portraying union with my brothers and this is very important for me.

This photo was taken in 2002,when I was 2 years and my brothers were older. I really love them because they taught me a lot,just like my parents,of course.

Their names is Emmanuel,Arthur and Matheus. Matheus and Arthur live in the interior of Pernambuco here called Afogados da Ingazeir,we will not stop talking about us or love us

This photo is very important because it was a great time of my life, which was the childhood and also was on the birthday of my grandphater I love him so much.



The photo of my family


This is one of my favorite photos, because it put together many people of my mother’s family.

There are: my father, my mother, my grandparents, some of my uncles, some of my cousins and my little dog, a Yorkshire called Yok.

We gather this day to celebrate the birthday of my mother in our apartment, in Rosarinho – Recife, in the august of last year.

It was very funny. We laughed a lot with the stories we tell about things that happened to us during 2013. This year we will all togheter again, and with my american cousins, uncle and aunt.

Who hit the photo was my cousin Mirella, who unfortunately did not appear.

My First Championship


My first championship was in Australia in 2008 in Melborne. I played in the attacker . I score 7 goals but I doesn’t  was the scorer but my friend John was the score with 12 goals he was the center forward and I played by second striker. But my team stay at the 3rd place. I was happy staying in 3rd place because was my first championship.After the championship me hang out to eat hamburger  in the snack bar.