Natal the Cashew Tree

 This was the one of the best photo in my life, my brother took the photo in Natal/RN in the biggest cashew tree of world the Cajueiro Gigante de Natal.

This trip was one of the best in my life because there i walking in the cashew tree and go to dunes of Natal.

There i flew in aerobunda and walked in esquibunda and i paddled to much.

That Travel was very funny and cool and because that this is my best photo.

I keep this photo in a computer and in the social network with photos from another trips.

The Best Trip of My life

This was a really important photo to me cause that photo make me remember the best trip of my life when i have a lot of fun.

     In that day I go to the fun park in U.S.A and i really liked that place; there I go to a lot of big toys, like roaller coaster, ferris wheel…

The park I went was the sea world…In the Sea World I take this photo of a dolphin when i was feeding him.

That phot without doubts was one of the best photo who i took, almost my favorite.

I have this photo in my computer and in a frame, with other photos of Orlando.

The story behind a photo


This is the one of my best photos, is when i was to Gramado and who took the photo is my uncles.

My uncles took the photo in a point turistic of Gramado, on this day i was with my father, my mother, my brother, my cousins and my uncles on the Santa Claus house.

We were in a Santa Claus house strolling, has a guide, and she featured the house, and when we arrived on the bedroom, my uncles got the camera and took the photo.

I like do much this photo because, it does me, remember the moment and remember the travel, this travel is my first travel by airplane, so that is why she has a significate for me.



my photo of my surprise party

image1 (2)

On September 09, my best friends held a surprise party for me because it was my birthday. It is very important for me because I love so much my friends.

While I was on the range, my friends were organizing the surprise .
when I entered the classroom, the board was so scratched with small text and balls.

These balls was for a game . I had to pop the balls within and have several messages.
At the end of the game , they gave me a present , which had a picture frame and a book.

Who took the photo was my other friend , who helped the organization also surprise