Of some special day

One of my favorites photos is this one with my two friends, Malu and Moraes.

Jamilly, a photographer  that studied at my school, took the photo in november of 2015, when me and my friends sang on a festival in my school, at UFPE. 

I keep it in a box with memories that are special for me and in my social networks, like Instagram and Facebook.

We were at a small stage, at my school. It’s very small, but always it’s happening something there because we are very close of artistic things, like music, art, dance or theater. It’s reallyFB_IMG_1458061954635 great. So, in this day, before the presentation, I was very nervous, some minutes before we start, I started to say that I couldn’t do that, and really, I wasn’t ready for go there and sing. My voice isn’t so pretty for present for all the people that was there, but I knew the lyrics and how to play in the guitar. My first thought was cry and runaway, but Bruna, one of my best friends, put me in the stage, I don’t know how. I didn’t look for who was watching, I just sat there with my  friends and my guitar and just did my best, the best of my voice, of what I knew about guitar, the best of me. We did our best, we three. Then, Jamilly send me the photo after and I had completely sure that this day was one of my best days ever.

I supposed that you know why I love this photo, but I also love because it was when I realise that I never would be ready for that, but I did, and this photo remember me that I can do everything, that I was happy, that a smile, happiness and a very good experience, a very great moment and everybody in my school knowing that I sing it’s a huge thing for remember with just a simple photo for everyone who see it, but a special photo to me, of some special day.




a crazy wedding

I  was a sister  of  the  marriage  of  my  aunt  my  family. I  took  this  picture  and  i  keep…i  mean  ,  posted  the  photo  on instagram. I  like the  wedding  was  to  have  plenty  of  food , have  my cousin  Nicole  beside  me. I  have no  favorite  photo , the  more  this  is  a good  photo . No  one  the  photo , was  in  a crazy   wedding  Silva  was midnight  friday  13. Marriang  was  crazy,  when  it  was  time  the  party , everyone  was  up  dancing  my parentes, i  was  dead  of  shame , then  it  was  time  speech  grooms  and  there  the  bride  slipped  the  dress  and  the  groom was  to  help  more  h925950_1444562639144156_898715541_ne  fell  too. Everyone  was  to  help  more  they  also  fell  and  the  cake  on  head  of  bride  and  groom   and  someone  said  ” food  fight “, the   guy   started   throwing  food  on  the  faces  of   everyone  and  of  course  the   staff  also  jaram   food  for  all  sides  to end  the  party  room

student Anna luiza
delivery date of the project 17.03.2016
teacher johnny

Natal the Cashew Tree

 This was the one of the best photo in my life, my brother took the photo in Natal/RN in the biggest cashew tree of world the Cajueiro Gigante de Natal.

This trip was one of the best in my life because there i walking in the cashew tree and go to dunes of Natal.

There i flew in aerobunda and walked in esquibunda and i paddled to much.

That Travel was very funny and cool and because that this is my best photo.

I keep this photo in a computer and in the social network with photos from another trips.

The Best Trip of My life

This was a really important photo to me cause that photo make me remember the best trip of my life when i have a lot of fun.

     In that day I go to the fun park in U.S.A and i really liked that place; there I go to a lot of big toys, like roaller coaster, ferris wheel…

The park I went was the sea world…In the Sea World I take this photo of a dolphin when i was feeding him.

That phot without doubts was one of the best photo who i took, almost my favorite.

I have this photo in my computer and in a frame, with other photos of Orlando.

The Brazil lost!

One of my favorite photos is this one of me, wrapped in Brazilian flag.



My dad took this photo in  my house during the world cup, but I don’t remember the exact date.

That day there was 40 people in my house and every one was very happy. The house was decorated with theme of the world cup, it was game day. The Brazilian team was going to play with Germany . And they lost 7X1 to Germany.

I love this picture because of the good memories in my house on that date.

This photo is in  my father and mine facebook.

Best day of my life !

This is my favorite photo because was the day that i went to  see Christian Figueredo (a youtuber), from the channel Eu Fico Loko.

My friends Luísa took the photo , it was in July of this year .

We were at Livraria Cultura in RioMar Shopping ,we were in the line to see him ,Christian was here in Recife because of the realese of his book , Eu fico Loko.

I love this photo because  it was the only day i got to see one of my idols

I only have this photo on my computer, because is the safest place so save this precious photoIMG_2079

My first cruise

FACEBOOK  This is a important photo for me because is the first time of I went to a cruise in United States.

My dad took the photo in february of 2015, I am in a vacation with my family on USA, it´s one of the bests cruise on the world.

I were on the cruise in front of the ocean enjoying the scenery.

I love this photo because the ocean is very beautiful the sky is wonderfull …

I have the photo in my computer and now in the edubolgs.

Championship in my school

One of my favorites photos is this with my class in my school.

My friend`s mom took this moment after the game that was in my school.IMG_1596

It was taken in april last year moments later than the game finishes in the court of my school. We won the game against another class. My class won the championship and we were very happy for it, we draw in the game but we won in points.

I like this photo because I was with my friends and we were happy in that photo

I have this photo on my cellphone and on my computer.

Basketball Medal

DSCN0137This is for me one of my favorites photos i have, me with a golden medal from basketball.

My dad took this photo when we were celebrating the victory in basketball “Jogos Internos”

We had never won a gold medal until that day. All of the class were celebrating the victory, because it was very important for the overall standings against all classes. I really like this photo because when i see it i remember that game and that victory.

I have this picture saved on my computer, as I have also all the photos from that day