The Epcot Park


One of favorite photos is this one of me and my family in a Disney park, called Epcot. One of the employees of the park took the photo in 2016, when we were in Orlando. We were in one of the four Disney parks, Epcot and, in this photo, we are behind the Epcot Globe. I like this photo because the day was so funny and nice. I have the picture on my phone and on my computer with another photos of Disney.


A Soccer Game



  1. One of my favourite photos is the one i was played soccer.
  2. Who took the photo was a photographer who was watching the game. The picture was taken in day 17/03/18. In this photo i was on a society in Santo Amaro.
  3. When the photographer took this picture, i was leading the ball to kick in the goal. Around the field, had a lots of people watching the game.
  4. I like this photo because, my team won this game and in that kick was my goal.
  5. I keep this photo in my computer and in my celphone.

a dinosaur on the beach

eu-meixmothis is my favorite because remenber me at the vacation of this year, this me and a sculpture of a dinosaur in a sightseeings.

my dad took this photo at july of this year (2016) when i in Pipa beach in the vacation of july.  that was in restaurant if i lounch in one day. 

In this day were looking for a famous turistc farm but we din’t found it. So we still away to the other beach near there. In the way we look this sculpture and the restaurant in the form of a boat. Me and my family like there and was a afternoon, there was so good food and a great climate, not many peaple and noise, it was very relaxing.

i like this foto because is thing if marked that moment and how we found the place is a adventure because we not know where did we go.

i have this photo in my camera with all the photos if i took

The last day of salvador trip


  • I took this photo in Salvador, on the last day of my trip on the Ponta de Humaitá;
  • I stayed in Salvador for two weeks with Beatriz, Maria Clara and her parents;
  • We had a lot of fun and we went to many places: Farol da barra, Salvador shopping, Igreja de Nosso Senhor do Bonfim, Praia do Porto da Barra, Igreja de São Francisco, Ponta de Humaitá, Pelourinho, Mercado Modelo, Elevador Lacerda…;
  • The last day, was the best because we did manys tourist tours, eat some ice cream, lunch on a restaurant, went to the movie theater and dinner on the Mc Donalds;
  • This trip was a good experience because I stayed in a new family and they had different traditions.


The sunset

I took this photo in my friends house after a very funny day,

In this day, we went to the shopping,ate the lunch, went to the movie theater to watch a film and to her gradnmother house. At her house, we played a board game, that we should answer questions about math, sports, geography , cience and other subjects, after we play our friend went to her house to, we ate brigadeiro with ninho milk, we talked about the life and watch another film in netflix, after I went to my house.

When i took the photo, my friends are did the brigadeiro and I didnt did nothing, becouse they said that i dont know did this, and there i am muddled in the chicken

I took this picture becouse every day in this my friend house, has the sunset at 5pm, and is so beautifil and i like to took photos.

This photo is one of my favorite becouse is so beatiful and I enjoyed this day on vacation.



When I went to Rio

20141206_122822_3-1This photo was taken on december of 2014, when me and my family traveled to Rio de Janerio, my father took this photo.

That was the second day of the travel, on that day we went to Pão de Açúcar and Cristo Redentor.

On the moment of the photo my father said to me and my mom stay one on the side of the other to him take the photo, when we were next to the Cristo.

I like this photo because I am with my mom and I love her, the weather was cool and all there is beautiful.

My travel to Gramado!

  My favorite photo is one  of me and my family.

  My father took this photo in the summer of 2014 at Gramado on the snowland.

   We went to snowland  and we passed the afternoon there,we played , we  stayed there three hours.


We was going back to the hotel and my father tooks the photo.

  I like this photo because it was in my best travel.

  I have this photo in my dad computer with others photos of there.


Me and the show!

luisa m    This foto is one of my favorite photos. Is me and my mother.

My sister, Marina took this photo, in the winter of 2009. On Portugal, when I lived in there.

We were in a city in Portugal called Serra da Estrela. In winter, this city turn a ski station, so, my family bought a equipament for kids ski, and my mother was go test, in this picture, I was pull my mother in this equipament, it’s so cool!

I love this photo because this moment was so funny, and I have good memories.

I have this foto in a frame on my shelf in my bedroom, with other photos that I like too.



My grandmother’s birthday

20151114_212540This is one of my favorite photos, with me and my cousins Isabela and Maria Clara.

I took this photo in my grandmother’s birthday. The party was in november at 2015, me and my family went to a restaurant in Caruaru, the name is Don Peppone.

We were waiting the food, didn’t have nothing for do. My another cousins Allan and Jhon were there too. We stayed using the cellphone. Me and Clara took a lot of photos, Isabela came took photos with us, one of them is this.

I like this photo because I took in a good moment, and we were having fun.

I keep this photo in my cellphone, and I have in my instagram too.

summer house

 One of my favorite photo is this when I was with my cousin, Lucas in the summer house of my grandpa.

 He took the photo in the sumer of 2014, when I was waking up fixing up my hair.

 The summer house of my grandpa, stay in a city called Maragogi. He will take a photo mine because I was sleeping but I got up and he took that picture.

 I like this photo because I am with my  cousin on vocation and I’m with a very sleepy face

On the morning of this day I went to the beach and to a barbecue so I was very tired and when I get home I fell asleep. And he like a good cousin he will take a photo of me sleeping.