A Soccer Game



  1. One of my favourite photos is the one i was played soccer.
  2. Who took the photo was a photographer who was watching the game. The picture was taken in day 17/03/18. In this photo i was on a society in Santo Amaro.
  3. When the photographer took this picture, i was leading the ball to kick in the goal. Around the field, had a lots of people watching the game.
  4. I like this photo because, my team won this game and in that kick was my goal.
  5. I keep this photo in my computer and in my celphone.

the winer

zorrilla In my favorite photo because the fhoto has an emocional value so big.

Who took the photo was the photographer of the swimming tournament that took place in the Portuguese Club of Recife in 2015.

In the photo I’m celebrating after winning the race of the 100m breaststroke in northern / northeast tournament of swimming at that time I was very happy with my achievement and remembered all the training I left very tired and thought “worth it”.

I like this photo because it reminds me that day and I remember with great joy because this was a happy day.

I keep this photo on my phone on an album together with all other swimming photos.

Natal the Cashew Tree

 This was the one of the best photo in my life, my brother took the photo in Natal/RN in the biggest cashew tree of world the Cajueiro Gigante de Natal.

This trip was one of the best in my life because there i walking in the cashew tree and go to dunes of Natal.

There i flew in aerobunda and walked in esquibunda and i paddled to much.

That Travel was very funny and cool and because that this is my best photo.

I keep this photo in a computer and in the social network with photos from another trips.

The Best Trip of My life

This was a really important photo to me cause that photo make me remember the best trip of my life when i have a lot of fun.

     In that day I go to the fun park in U.S.A and i really liked that place; there I go to a lot of big toys, like roaller coaster, ferris wheel…

The park I went was the sea world…In the Sea World I take this photo of a dolphin when i was feeding him.

That phot without doubts was one of the best photo who i took, almost my favorite.

I have this photo in my computer and in a frame, with other photos of Orlando.

My first cruise

FACEBOOK  This is a important photo for me because is the first time of I went to a cruise in United States.

My dad took the photo in february of 2015, I am in a vacation with my family on USA, it´s one of the bests cruise on the world.

I were on the cruise in front of the ocean enjoying the scenery.

I love this photo because the ocean is very beautiful the sky is wonderfull …

I have the photo in my computer and now in the edubolgs.