My first trip

Luiza Venicius

This photo was taken in USA, in 2009. It was my first trip outside Brazil, to Disney (Orlando). In this photo we are going to Hotel by subway on our first day of the trip. This trip was so magic and wonderful, because we went to many parks with a lot of friends and we had fun. The people in the photo are: My father, My mother, My old sister and I.

the perfect trip

IMG_0002 This is one of my favorite photos, because when i took this photo i was in one of Disney’s, i was in Epcot. I was wearing a tiara of Minie and i was wearing a purple colt because it was so cold. I took this photo by myself .

Epcot is in United States of America, and i loved this trip, I traveled with my brother and my dad, it was so fun! i went in all the rides ande i liked to go, was wonderful , i really want to go there again

I keep this photo on my cellphone, because i really like to remember thats day. I was in front of the big garden inside Epcot, thats garden is so beaultiful, Epcot is a wonderful and beaultiful place to visit.

A day in the park Disney Hollywood Studios

One of my favorite photos is this one with my family in Disney Hollywood Studios.

My friend took this picture on the entrance of the park, in September 2012, and we were on vacation.

We were in Disney´s Hollywood Studios, and it was very hot. It was on the entrance, and I was very happy and my parents to. And in this day, during the show of Fantasmic!, it started to rain so much, and my friend glasses broke, but we fixed that. I remember this day so much.

I like this photo because we were smiling and very happy, the Disney parks make us a child with the magic inside.


I have the photo in my computer and in a album, and when I see it, I want to go back to Disney.