I and my father

foto niver 2013This picture was taken on my 13th birthday. Me, my friends, and my parents were celebrating at my favorite restaurant in Recife. My father came from a trip that day just to be with me.

After taking this photo, I and all my friends went away together in the same car. We let them in their homes. When we just leave them out, I went home because it was already late and the next day had test after showering I went to bed knowing that one of the coolest days of my life was over.

Wedding Day


This picture is one of much pictures I took in my life.

But represents much things for me. It was in the wedding of my cousin and Im was bridesmaid with my Little sister.

All my familly of Brasilia ,São Luis and Rio de Janeiro came for celebrate , it was so funny.

The wedding happened in a kind of farm , in march of this year. And it was perfect, everything was beautiful, and bride was very happy and pretty.

I felt very special to share that moment with her.

Who taked the photo was my other causin , she loves take pictures of  moments like that