I at Machu Picchu


this photo was taken at the highest point of Machu Picchu, it was taken on a trip I made with my father to Peru, where the main purpose of the trip was to go to Machu Picchu and take a photo to show the beauty of Machu Picchu . In this photo you can see many moors and also the famous lost city of the Incas. The lost city of the Incas is the most important attraction of machu picchu, due to receive tourist minarets every year. This photo shows how Machu Picchu is beautiful



That day I went to my best friend’s birthday party, which was a pajama party with Alice: Madness Returns’s theme and it was fun.

We did many things at night like: we played truth or dare, we played a treasure hunt (my team won!), etc.

At daybreak some girls and me watched Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. And The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie, too.

The other day we went to the pool and ate sacolé.


The amazing trip to Italy!

In January of this year I traveled to Italy, and this trip I will never forget. Rome is a wonderful place because everything is beautiful. In this photo I’m in the Coliseum and yes this place is breathtaking. When I arrived in Rome I was already excited to see all the sights of the city but I was very tired so we decided to spend the day relaxing because of the flew. On the first day of visiting the city I already had the cell phone in hand to take many photos, the first tourist point was Piazza Navona because it was very close to the hotel. When I saw the Fontana di Trevi and the Colosseum I cried because it is very perfect and very beautiful. But everything that is good then ends the last day in Rome I did not want to leave because it is so beautiful but I had to go and then that is the story behind the photo.

I met Etiene Medeiros

  1. In 2017 I met Etiene Medeiros she is good person and she´s love swimming . And I like swimming ,but, she beats world records . This day is very special of me because I went to hotel and I saw she and anothers people wich also beats world  records in sports. I witch very cool and one of the people I wanted take a photo is Etiene. I be happy because I had never gotten so closed to a famous person before . REMEMBERING, I went to Curitiba , because I have a competition of my brother. My brother was representing Pernambuco , not only him , also your friends .The competition of swimming. So this is my text .

The Fail Photo !!!

In January me and my friens went to Maria Farinha together it was very funny there. We played a lot and talked too much , we dance , we had a lot of funny , was unforgettable , i will never forget  . There we stay in a big house , it was the birthday of Mari (the Orange one ) , we made some new good friends , was awsome . In a sunny day we went to the beach to made pictures ,  we  decided to took one ” tumblr” haha , we really tried but we missed that. But we really liked the photo ,  it was funny miss the photo . This travell was very important to me because we past a good time together and that is realy amazing it’s a friendship i wiil never forget !!! I love them ❤️

Buenos Aires new years.

I took this picture on 2017 new´s year in Buenos Aires and i think is one of the bests travel that i was . On the night of new year me and my family went to the best restaurant of the city and it was very special ,the food it´s very good and the night`s too .the new year in the other coutries it very diferent of Brasil because here the people use white shirt and have a lot of  fireworks but in Argentina and other coutries have more party´s and a loud music . After the party I go to hotel and it´s very safe and quiet to walk any time of the day,this  is a qualit of another coutries .

My trip to Italy

It was an incredible trip ! I arrived on 11/7/2016. O the first day, I arrived at the hotel and  after I went to the Colisseum, it is beautiful. Then I went to the Roman Forum, I was loking around and realized that is too big !  A lot of people were taking pictures, because there it is very beautiful. Then I went to the hotel to sleep, beacause I was very tired. After a few days, the last day arrived. I was very sad, because it was an incredible trip. 

The date when i was champion of Pernembuco

In december 20 I went to the Arena beberibe when I won the Santa Cruz 5×1 where I was champion Pernambuco, I scored a goal, the first after the game I was dead tired and was called the best left back Pernambucano of my category. I was very happy, days later I was called to play in Peru  in the world club representing Brazil, but there I was runner-up.And nowadays I’ve been to play in big clubs in Brazil and in foreign teams in Spain and Italyand in that year we are competing Pernambucano again we are in first place and in the middle of the year we are going to the championship world in Spain.

My awsome and incredible carnival

 After this beautiful photo me and my parents see the spider-man descending from the property and we shake hands with him in this carnival the sun was so strong so we decided to drank something my mother was with will thirst of coconut water so we searched a lot for the water after this I and my parents return to home and on the way we found a lot of friends and was so good!! The carnival of 2018 was the best because we visit a lot of places and after I was in my house playing with my friends and my parents continue to dancing in the carnival.




My trip to Orlando

Two years ago I  went to orlando with my uncle and my counsin. We went to a crocodile park. In this park we went into the boat and saw a lot of crocodiles and eageals . at the end of the event we touched the crocodile, but my cousin didn’t touch  the crocodile beacuse he was scared ,  I and my uncle took a photo with the crocodile . In this trip  i went outside of my country at the first time and is beacuse that a like this photo.