The Story Behind the Photo

   This story happens on my last vacation, one day in this vacation I woke up and went to have my breakfast. When I was having the breakfast a person saw little monkeys in the trees and told to us in so we went to see them, we gave them food and they were grateful. all the people that were there left, only me stayed, I realized that there was
a little monkey trapped in a tree, I went to try to help him, I fell in a place that was high I didn’t hurt myself but I had to climb back, I tried to climb the tree, but, the tree was very big, so I spoke with my father and he climb the tree for me, he saved the little monkey. At the end of that long day, I fed the little monkey and put him to nature, his mom came to pick up him to his family.

The Story Behind a Photo

Two years ago, my family went to a Star Wars Convention in Shopping Recife. The convention was good, had many objects used in the movies.

I went to a Jedi course with my sister. It was very funny. First the teacher taught us how to use the Lightsaber and the Force. We trained in a small playground. But the best part it was in the end! We fight against Darth Vader! My sister was scared, but the “Jedi Master” helped her! In my turn “Darth Vader” wasn’t easy, but He thought I’d won.

Finally the training end’s. We took many photos, but to did this paragraph I chose the photo my mother took after the training with my “Jedi Master” and my sister. It was a very good adventure!

We were almost run over!

We were going to hang out with our friends in shopping recife. Was going me, Ceci, Gabi, Gi, Hugo and Dudu, all of them my friends. In a car was me and all the girls. The boys were coming after us. We get out of the car and we decided to took a photo at the garage, because the view was beautiful. When we was going to took the photo a lot of cars were coming to park there. We were almost run over! But the photo was very beautiful! Veruska, Ceci’s Mother took this photo, at Shopping Recife’s garage. I choose this photo because i thought that the photo is beautiful and the story is really fun!