The best photo ever


I took this photo in May of 2012 when we were 6th grade and we were so close.

I was in the College Damas at the break time, eating a snack with my friends and we were so much happy. We had the idea to record this moment taking a picture and save this photo for us we remembered how we were friends.

I, Bruna, Mirella, Flávia Mie and Kaline had met us a year ago and has since then we became best friends. In the day we took this photo we were expelled from the place where we were because we couldn’t be there and it was funny.

Today, some of us went to different schools but always we are communicating and we are very good friends and it is great. I miss this good time when we were children.


minnie’s house


It was in july 2010, when I was 10 I went to Disney World.

I went to the home of Minnie in the Magic Kingdom. I met Minnie, It is fantastic. But this is the Minnie’s backyard.

My father took this photo. This day was so good. It was a dream come true and I will never forget.

Then I walked around the minnie’s  house with my family and it was fun.

I hope to remember this day forever.