A long time ago

llll   This photo was taken in 2004, next to me was my grandmother and my cousin. I was 4 years old and my cousin, lais, was 5. On this day in the three spent the day together,my grandma  picked us up in the morning and took us to her house, she gave gifts to us, bracelets and earrings. Then we have lunch at the mall and we went for ice cream store, we were in the bookstore and in the late afternoon we went to my aunt’s house, where we took hats and took this photo.

My grandmother always liked to get us to buy books and accessories.I lived with her ​​only 5 years old, and were unforgettable a year my grandmother died, I miss those afternoons with her.

Botanical Garden with parents


It was in January 2008, and I was taking pictures in Rio de Janeiro. Was in the Botanical Garden with my parents. On that day, the tour was perfect as soon as I got everywhere I wanted to go take pictures, I love flowers and I felt I was in a dream. I was overjoyed, wanted to walk around the garden, I took so many photos … But is the one I like, so it was a pleasant moment of joy and energy that I felt! You are there with my parents was very good.

Only almost a disaster was happening when I was taking the picture I was almost upsetting me and falling in the water, but I was lucky that my parents were on my side to hold me, thank God. But the photo came out, and just thinking about that day hits me a longing … Anyway, after we left the garden, wanted to buy several posters and postcards of those wonderful flowers.

I hope so never forget that magical moment!

The Escalator

    It w101_5995as in October 2011, We (I, my brother,my parents, and my 4 cousins) went to Orlando for a travel to Disneyland.

    When we arrived in the airport e saw one thing the I never saw before in my life… A ESCALATOR, no the carry the bags but the carry people for other place . Me and my cousins were walking in this for few minutes, we were so happy that our travel was happening and was start with a new things to know about a new place that I never was there before.

Mariana Soares T3I2

One afternoom in Arena

thbf  It was October 2013, and I went to a soccer game in Pernambuco Arena. In this afternoom, My soccer team are going to play versus Cruzeiro.                                                      It’s very hot and the sun was very hard in this part of the Arena. I ate two icecreams to alleviate the heat. the late was getting more chilled and Cruzeiro marked the first goal.     Náutico drawed but in the second half Cruzeiro marked more three goals and Náutico lost the game.                                                                                                                                                           Náutico doesn’t won the game but it’s a good afternoom and it’s my third time in Pernambuco Arena.                                                                                                                                               Today Náutico improved a lot and i publish this photo 4 months ago. The Arena is very beautiful and I hope return very more times again.

a great unforeseen


I take this photo was taked when I travel to ceara to my cousin´s birfhday last year (2013), he was making 6 years and we come to a turitic point

at 12:00 we had a party and my grandmother recive a call of my uncle talking about my cousin, she born at the same time to the party! my cousin fells so happy, my ant said thad she (my cousin ) chose that day I chek the cellphone at 5 to 5 minutes to see she´s photos

the rest of tha day was amazing, we went to a restaurent in the top of the city, it was great, there I take the photo and we went to some amasing places to celebrate

today day´s I keep this photo on my cellphone to remenber: all can change but thigs can still be god