A History Behind a Movie

  •  In this photo1902973_587926374625683_1437617476_n,I’m with my friends : Lara,Olívia,Duda Cazé and Duda Borges. They are my friends of the church.
  • We took the photo in December 27, in 2013 in Shopping Recife after the movie .
  • We bought food to the movie and watched Até Que a Sorte Nos Separe 2 . We laughed a lot . It’s a very funny movie.
  • After the cinema we had a sneak and talked a lot and walk in the shopping .But we were not alone . We went with some boys of the church.

Was a very funny day!!!

A day with my friends on Instituto Ricardo Brennand


On thursday, i went to institutoRicardo Bennand with my 3 friends Isabela,yla and Daniloand we had a lot of fun, it was an amazing experience with them, we enjoyed so much, the place, the culture, the arts, and the weather because it was cloudly and wasn’t hot, we took A LOT of pictures only on my cellphone have almost 500, yeah that is a lot.

This garden is in front of the Instituto, and everyone wanted to take a photo there because it’s a beautiful garden, and yes i was laughing so hard, because i don’t know how look pretty at photos, i just make a face, and i’m not serious, and i love this photo because i was expontanious, and gonna make me good remebers of this day.



Crazy Party


foto trabalho2

One of my favorite photos is of me and my friends in the party.

I took the photo in the Saturday night of 2013, we were gone to my friend’s house and before we went to the party.

That party was the funniest party in my life, because we get a taxi and the motorist left us in wrong place and we lost. I was desperate and I call to my father he went took us in the party.

Before he get us realize we were next to the house party and this despair was not for nothing. Me and my friends were relieved!

We entered in the party and took that photo in the bathroom of the house party.  It happened at 19:00 o’clock and de party be started at 16:00 O’clock. And before that the party was good!!!


It was september 2013 and I was taking photographs in Brazil . Afternoon I straight to the field .

I played a lot of football and have group football players. Did 3 activitys 1: Run and take a ball , 2: kick the ball over the crossbar,

3: throw a ball in target.

my friend were with me play football in the end we took pictures with the clothes of the players.


listening a music

FotoThis photo I  am in my house listen music.I don’t remember the music that I am listening.but I now that’s a very good music.I am in the most confortable chair that I sit in my life.I am listening by my Ipod.On this photo I came to english class.i thing that’s 4’o clock.I remember that after I  listen the music,I going to eat cookies,and Drank water.On this after I am waiting my friends Cadu and Ricardo to do a project to my school.The weather in this day is sunny.

This day is very good.Is on a monday.I am keeping my photo on the facebook.This is my favorite photo that I took on my life.I took by my ipod.I am my abercombrie t-shirt.

the best match of soccer

ronald foto hehethe best match of my life was in jarbas`s society. i did four goals. my friends sayed to me: “ronald, you are the best player of the world, thank you to you played good”. this was exciting. ever body sayed my name, and how i played so good. we were champions of our championship. i was the better player of the championship, this picture was in  Arcoverde, the place where i was born. i will never forget it, this is in my memory, but the best part was when we ate after the match. we drinked coca-cola and ate pastels