one more family member

This photo was taken when we bought our dog.It was a normal day, may sister and I were watching TV when our father went to the room and told us the news.Me and my sister did not know what to do so we started to scream and without thinking twice we went straight to the petshop.We stopped at five petshop until we find our dog.We gave her name of Mel and we^ve been a joking all day.

My favorite photo


My favorite photo

i took this photo when i was at Bariloche Argentina, in that trip i also went to buenos aires and went to many touristic points. I like this photo because it was the first time i see snow and was my fist time outside Brazil.

after that trip I traveled to Chile in 2018 and I really enjoyed it.

por que eu sou B!!!

This photo was taken in the “prenda” of the end of year trip. we are in the last year of my school before high school and we have a tradition trip in the my school but it is the students who pay. so we make “prendas” on the last Fridays of each month with different themes, and whoever is not will have to pay 5 reais for the trip. And we always have great ideas on this day the theme was carnaval.

My trip to Curitiba

In july of 2016 I went to Curitiba with my mother, father, sister and brother. My mother took the photo when we went to the Tanguá Park.

My father went to Curitiba to study, so while he was studying, we traveled around the city. We went to the Tanguá Park, because it is one of the best sights in Curitiba.

I like the photo because the view is so beautiful and cool. I have the photo on my cell phone.

My trip to Disney!


This is my favorite photo becausa I really like this place. The photo was taken by me in 2016 when i visited disney. i was with my parents, ysley and humberto. my brother, victor. my uncles, cousins and grandparents. we were all on vacation celebrating my 14th birthday. this is castle is very famous he is in the magic kingdom, a park in the USA created by walt disney. the park receives more than 8 thousand people at a day. My family was very happy in visited a park. we were watching one of the presentation.

My photo at the Disney!

This is my favorite photo because i am at Disney park and i am with my sister, Gabi. My mother took that photo when we were at the universal studios in the Harry Potter part of the park.

When my mother took the photo me and my sister were waiting at the dragon(behind me and my sister) spit fire and waiting the line of the `gringots bank´ get smaller.

I have that photo saved on my computer and on my cellphone.


The náutico game.

This day besides begin the náutico game wich is very important but besides that day was a day that i liked a lot for the simple fact that i was with my grandfather and my mom and dad.My mom she wants to take this photo, but the náutico game are almots ready to start so she takes quickly.The game was on june,29 the game was in Arena de Pernambuco.I like this photo beacuse i´m with my grandfather in a photo wich is rare but a like this photo more for the fact that náutico won this game.I keep this image on my computer and a past to my e-mail.