In 2017 , when I went to Orlando Florida  I had a good vacation  but  one day in my vacation I went  to Disney Springs for bought  some things  and saw  restaurants too but when we ( Me and my family ) arrived , the sky is blue and beatiful ,  after  in store and restaurant about Holiwood movies   the music stoped and a woman talked about happened a tornado I got so scared and we left the store I saw  people  ran for the stores  and we ran for coke store  first I saw clothes , sunglasses and etc and after  we took  the elevator for the last floor  and had  a restaurant  we stayed and we bought one of each flavors to try , some flavors  are good and one of my favorite flavors it’s green apple. In the end we arrived in my uncles’s house at 10:30 PM and we stayed .


NAME : Lanna Beatriz de Albuquerque


The Day I Broke My Arm

One day i went  a friend´s birthday, we played a lot of basketball in a club called AABB. We pass a time eating junkfoods and after my friend´s mother invited everybody to went the pool. All my friends was happy and me too.

After we did all these things, my friend said:”Guys let´s go play football.” and obviously i went too so, i was the goal keeper and my other friend was very strong and he kicked the ball so much and i broke my arm.


Diego Henrique


In this photo i went to natal.I went to natal in the vacation, i liked very much.

In natal i saw dolphins, i went to the beach, on the beach i pick up a crab in the rock. I pick up the crab with cups of plastic. I take a much of photos with my family .

In this photo i saw a beautiful view, and i wont a photo to remember Natal, because this city is very good, on the local of the photo, I saw a lot of fishes, i tryied pick up one but i couldn’t take the fish.

I went to a river with a boat and i saw a lot of crabs and fishes, on the river  i saw a BIG fish your color are blue and yellow, i didn’t now your name.Next i went to a beach and i forgot my flip flop in last this beach, and i called my mom and my father, i went to the last beach and i lost my flip flop.

Paulo Victor

happy moments

I took this photo in my classroom for a farewell of my best friend ,  she had a adimition test for a mility school . Me and her  friends  prepared one notebook for her, with notes , images and happy mensages . she felt special  because were had a god mensages for her we recived this "present"  very happy . past a for mounths and her go away ,  and hardly i saw him .past a time and ai lost the friend ship with her friends .


joão baraúna palácio

Funny travel

In last week I am went with my family for one beach in alagoas . The beach is very far way  and I had one long adventure .  The travel had one hour for durt road and didn’t have people in the road . In the road didn’t have phone signal , is hours for very long adventure. At 4:30 p.m. I’m arrived for the beach. I’m travel for the beach because  went the birthday for  my father friend . In the next day (saturday) I’m had one new adventure for went to other distant beach . I’m went with my father , my sister and my father friends , I had funny moments in the path , raining and etc. In sunday I’m went for Recife . In this travel I had funny moments  , adventures moments and I did a lot friends , It’s one very good travel! This photo is for the beach and this text have the story for a photo.

NAME: Beatriz Pedrosa – Teen 3



Alagoas’ beach

In this photo I was eleven years old. I went to a Alagoas’ beach, in January of 2018. This beach is amazing and the water of the ocean was beautiful with a lot of fishes, we ate in a good restaurant, the view was wonderful. I lunched a special fish! After that, we sunbathed and then we went to the pool of the hotel. In the next day, we visited tourist spots, in this moment I took a photo, was necessary I was behind of the picture, because of the wind. But I really like this photo! After we went to the friend of my dad’s house. In the Saturday we went to Maceio, in the first day  we ate a delicious salad, then we walked near the beach and I met a friend, called Carolina, she is friendly and very hard-working! In this vacation I went with my parents to Sergipe and Alagoas. I loved it, was incredible and this was the story behind my photo!

Name: Luiza Brito Lucena – Teen 3


I going to Portugal in jannuary of my family and i went of many cities salamanca,Évora, Serra das Estrelas, Madri, Lisboa…

Wen, i arriver in Serra das Estrelas, my mom drove she was a afraid to drive, my brother laughed,and wen i arriver my friend of her brother was there and i sot of one road said and i take a photo and my grandmother thurth snow and me, my mom and my brother too.

before the photo, i went skiing with my friend, then we bought a skiiboard and sledge. after that i started play with my friend, Lele.

it was a funny moment.

tank you, Malu

the story behind the photo

Last year, I went to Piracanga. It’s an island in Bahia. I did a lot of things. I learned how to meditate, to plant, to spend my money, to draw, I had to eat vegan food, met new people, saw a spider, slept with a bat family…

I took the photo when I was in the hammock. I was relaxing and waiting for the next activity. After that, I went to the meditation room with my family.

The Vacation







Five years ago i went in Fortaleza and took this picture,the weather was perfect and my familly went in the beach.In the beach my father asked me to rided a bug, when he told me, i accept, but  my mother was afraid,although she rided with me,when the walked finish, we met my father near the hotel and took this photo. twenty minutes later we was stolem when we going to the hotel.

Pedro Adauto

The story behind the photo

This is one of my favorite photos because it was took in a place that i like very much,the farm of my grandfather.In this photo,i´m with my little brother and my cousin.The dad of my cousin took this photo after we ate our breakfast,i think was in 2014.

In this day we played very much of many things,like soccer and hide and seek,but the best and most exciting moment was when we went get some fruits.We didn´t knew that next to the trees there was a family of wild foxs,the male threateneal to attack us,but we ran very fast to the big house of the farm,we stayed inside the house for the rest of the day,because we were very scared.Our parents,after hearing the story,were very surprised.

After that,we never wanted to drink juice there in the farm.Today,when we play together,we remember this day very usually.This was a really funny day.