Kick photo

This photo is one of my favorite becuse I love play soccer so is the moment when I kick the photographer take the photo and it represent`s my love for soccer.

In this photo I`m was playing for a tournement to defend Nautico`s team .We won in this game versus Caxanga`s team, it was 2×1 I did 1 goal the game was disputed , we  started winning,after the tie the game and we won in the second time. It was is Santos Dummond .In the moment we were in heating. This game  was this year on 25 March. 

This photo is valuable for me.

Tiago Massa.

My vacation in Orlando january 2017

My vacation in Orlando

In January 2017. Me, my mom Andrea, my dad Homero and my brother Guilherme going for the flight is very difficult because one girl was disturbing me and my mom,in the airport is very quiet.We going to hotel at 3:00 p.m,i have never seen a hotel as luxurios as this, is very coll, in the hotel have seven  restaurants, one restaurant have a Brazilian food,have a academy, have a bowling etc.

In the first day we going to the universal,one park of orlando,me and my brother going to the all toys for the universal but the best toy is rocket, is very radical.

in the second day, we buying very things in the outlet.Outlet is a shopping in Orlando very famous for have promocion every day, my mom very liked for the outlet.In the final of day we going to the a restaurant Five Guys, in the five guys have the best hamburguer for the florida, is very good.

In the final day in Orlando, we going to the Magic Kingdom, the park where have a big castel and have a shows, toys, restaurants tipics etc.

In the Magic Kingdom is a very cool, the toys is very criative and the restaurants have a delicious food, but in the final of the day we returns for Recife.Orlando is a place very criative and very interesting.


Gustavo Borba


The BEST Day of my Life

In this day,I was at the cinema eating hamburguer with my friends.The thing who turn this photo an a special photo it is because I dont see them made 7 years.In this day was the first date we do it.The man who  has a white hair,is the uncle of my friends and next to him is a friend of the uncle that we founded at the shopping is an extremely coincidence the first date we found an another friend.And the other people are just my friends.After that we went to a restaurant to eat some pizza but I prefered drink some milkshake


-João pedro brayner

I Nice Trip

I took this photo in João Pessoa on vacations of 2014, in june with my family. We went to João Pessoa because we wanted to travel to some place than everybody could go. I thing João Pessoa is nice, because there has a lot of beaches and good restaurants to go. Besides the beaches and restaurants, was a shopping than is like a ship! Don´t think this is amazing? There, in the shopping have all the shopes than you need. What i´ll say now you wont belive, but I found my mother´s friend and her son, he has my age! When my mother find a friend is terrible, because she and her friends don´t stop to talk. So after the shopping I went to friend´s of my mother house. After that day we traveled back to Recife. ( In the photo: I, José Victor and my mother Flávia)

-José Victor Moraes de Almeida

The most important picture

This picture shows me,my grandfather and my father in a hospital room.This is my favorite picture because was the last picture I took with my grandfather.This picture was taken in the final of february of 2018 and my grandfather died in march 2018.He was 97 years old when he died so he lived a lot.

This picture was taken by my mother.One thing that I will never forget about the moment this picture was taken, is that my grandfather was really happy because he was with his family in his last moments.I will always miss him and never forget him, because he was the only grandparent I met in my intere life.

Resultado de imagem para granddaughter visiting grandfather in hospitalDandara Valentim Teen3

My First Graduation

In this photo, I am so happy because I study one year to finish the first year of the school.
In this night they were very funny because me and my friends play games all the night.
After we played a lot of games, then we had the graduation.
After the graduation we go to play a lot of games then eat party food.

In this party haved my friends my family and the teachers of my school. we celebrated the graduation and all of studants are happy to finish the year.

when I look this photo I remember my first graduation and I fell better because I study to this and we have this reward.

Luis filipe Gondim

I and Eye of Marble

 (In the picture: I, Clara, and Eye of Marble)

In  2010, I traveled with my family to Bahia, and we stayed in a farm hotel that was called Costa do Sauípe. Over there was one horse that was called  Eye of Marble, and I and my older sister, we were riding on him all the time. We loved him and we just rode on him. This picture was special for me because this was my first time I rode a horse and it was fun the days I spent there! Years later, we came back there, but the hotel it isn´t the same: the hotel services today are very bad and the horse, Eye of Marble, died. But, I love this photo!

Maria Clara Glasner

Me at NASA’s rocket

In this photo, I’m at Kennedy Space Center (KSC), at Canaveral cabe, Merritt island,  between Miami and Jacksonville, and next to Orlando. This picture has been taken in october 27, 2017. When I travelled to the          U.S.A with a part of my familly:My mother, My grandma and my auntgrandma (they were behind the camera).

In the photo I was wearing a blue furry coat (although it was sunny, it was very cold too), and grey jeans. Still            in the photo I’m in front of one of the succesfully landed NASA rockets (which I dont remember the name).

I was very happy in the photo, because I ever wanted to visit NASA and see the rockets, how do they work, the astronaut’s suit and even touch a moon piece! I was really impressed with all the stuff there, the astronauts suit,     the rockets parts, everything! I realized one of my dreams there, I really liked the trip, and I hope to travel back to orlando again, again, and maybe, one day, even live there!

João Ricardo

Vacation in Orlando january 2018

In 22/01/2018,I went to Orlando,FL,USA with my mom to celebrate my 15th birthday.I went to Disney parks and the malls of Orlando.

In the morning,I woke up excited for my first trip to USA.And I went to Recife airport.One hour later the plane arrived at  the airport.It was 8 hours of flight from Recife-Orlando.I arrived there in the afternoon,then I go to the htel by bus.I stayed at Rosen Inn At Pointe Orlando,a beautiful and luxurious hotel.

There was 12 days of fun and adventure.I went back to home in february 2,2018.I will go back to Orlando in 2021,when 6-year-old   siblings turn 10 years old.They born on 29 August 2011,when I was 9 years old.I´m so excited to 2021

Ana Luiza Barreto

The fantastic photo of Olinda

This is my favorite photo.That´s a important photo because she is very beatiful and the picture are taked when i went to Olinda with my father and my sister .

In behind of Olinda has a fantastic sunset and next to the sunset has all buildings of Recife.I was taked this photo in the top of one beatiful tower in olinda, i went ther in a elevathor made with glass.When i arrived ther i staed imprest hith the sunset bacause this i taked this picture. thats photo is amazing !!!


Victor Galamba