A story Behind a Photo (Sophia Galindo – Teen 3 – G1)

Our trip back to Brazil was scheduled for August 2, at 17:59 with connection in New York and Rio de Janeiro.

We left our stay at about 11am, headed for the bus stop that was practically in front, bound for the nearby Eglinton tube station, but packed with luggage, would be more complicated. From there, our destination would be Toronto Pearson International Airport where we would take the bus that would drop us at the airport. It sounds like a lot of trouble, but everything is very simple.

We checked, checked baggage, went through immigration. All right, we went to the departure lounge to hold the flight call. With about 30 minutes to clear the departure gate, we headed to the ticket counter to present a passport and travel. I stayed with Hector (My brother), and Yuri (My Daddy) went with Sophia. Then I noticed a different movement, Sophia gesturing, the attendant too, got up and went to try to find out what was going on.

The girl, not speaking Portuguese, tried to explain that she had a cancellation on the flight to New York, and our shipment would only be on the 4th and would arrive in Brazil on the 5th, with connection in Sao Paulo. I said no, that my flight was that day, and in Brazil, I would pass through Rio de Janeiro. She was agonized, trying to make herself understood, and repeatedly said: delay delay, five day … Pointing at the monitor, wanting to be clearer, and I saw two flight options, the first for New York to wait for a seat in Sao Paulo, you don’t know what time, then Recife, or the next day we go to Lisbon, and from there direct flight to Recife.

We think it  crazy. What do you mean Lisbon?

I looked at Yuri and said, call your friend, who speaks English well, and see if what we are understanding is right. Then, by phone, he communicated with the attendant, and confirmed everything. So we didn’t have much choice, we accepted to go to Lisbon.

Dante, Yuri’s friend, offered his house for the night. Detail that his house is across the subway line, and we accept. We took our luggage, one large, one medium and two small, we paid new tickets and made the trip back to their home

From Finch Station to the entrance to his house, we had to take a giant, packed suitcase. I couldn’t take the bag anymore, and Sophia took strength and I don’t even know about it and said, ” c’mon, mom, i’ll take your bag “.