The sunset

I took this photo in my friends house after a very funny day,

In this day, we went to the shopping,ate the lunch, went to the movie theater to watch a film and to her gradnmother house. At her house, we played a board game, that we should answer questions about math, sports, geography , cience and other subjects, after we play our friend went to her house to, we ate brigadeiro with ninho milk, we talked about the life and watch another film in netflix, after I went to my house.

When i took the photo, my friends are did the brigadeiro and I didnt did nothing, becouse they said that i dont know did this, and there i am muddled in the chicken

I took this picture becouse every day in this my friend house, has the sunset at 5pm, and is so beautifil and i like to took photos.

This photo is one of my favorite becouse is so beatiful and I enjoyed this day on vacation.