My trip

This photo is special to me!

Because I went to a yacht in theUnited States  with my family and  the friends of my parents.I loved this trip because I bought a lot of things from abercrombie and other stores. I went to lots of  parks with my family.I met many yacht places, and I took a sea bath with my sister I played a lot of football there I spent almost a month there. I had lunch at MC Donalds many  times, but there were times my mother wouldn’t let me eat.

I went to Universal with my family and the friends of my parents I went to the Hulk park and lots of  rides.


The surprise

This photo is very special.

Because when my father and I went to Europe and my mother and sister didn’t know.It was a surprise. I visited  alot of museum’s.

I also went to Amsterdam, went to the Ajax stadium and found it very cool and very modern and the museum of Anne Frank it’s so cool,beatiful and modern.

The city Amsterdan it’s so beatiful and has a lot of artist in the street,mainly in front of the park’s.

In Paris dont has so much artist in the street,has so much beggars in the street and in front of the shopping’s mall.