a dinosaur on the beach

eu-meixmothis is my favorite because remenber me at the vacation of this year, this me and a sculpture of a dinosaur in a sightseeings.

my dad took this photo at july of this year (2016) when i in Pipa beach in the vacation of july.  that was in restaurant if i lounch in one day. 

In this day were looking for a famous turistc farm but we din’t found it. So we still away to the other beach near there. In the way we look this sculpture and the restaurant in the form of a boat. Me and my family like there and was a afternoon, there was so good food and a great climate, not many peaple and noise, it was very relaxing.

i like this foto because is thing if marked that moment and how we found the place is a adventure because we not know where did we go.

i have this photo in my camera with all the photos if i took