A photo to remember

This photo was in the end of June, I  went with my friends in a school travel to São Paulo. When we arrived by plane, the weather was cold, 14º, everyone got close, we take a breakfast in the airport, was so expensive. After that, we came to the bus, all my friends went to the bottom and I stayed with a girl of 16 years old, on the front, I didn’t know her, i was very nervous, but I started to talk with her and she is a really good person, we talked a lot of about politics, life and anything in the hole trip. we went to a theater, there was to be very popular theater in the city, but the people don’t go to theather like the past. After a day of activites, we stayed on the Hotel H3, where I stayed with my brother in a room, but we talked with our friends on they room until 3:00 am. And at that time I was driking a can of coca cola on the floor and my friend came take a photo.