sport game

I chose this phote because it was the first time i want to watch a soccer game, the game was Sport and Flamengo in the Ilha do retiro, i went to watch tho game together with my father and my brother,this day was my brother’s birthday and we were celebrating watching the game in Ilha do retiro. We drove to stadium, the game was 2 pm and when whe arrivedwe sat in the bleachers waiting for the game to start and watching the plyers warming up before the game, when the game began my brother and i were very excited because it the firt time we went to see football  game, the secount half, we whent out to eat a litte and went out,watched the game until 4 pm the game ented 2-0 for Flamengo, but agent had a lot fun and seeing oue team play, then we went to dinner at a pizzeria in Shopping Rio Mar to celebrate my brote’s birthday with my family.

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