The story behind the photo: Yana Almeida Autograph Night

I chose this picture because it shows a very important passage from kindergarten to elementary school the name is: Autograph Night. It has this name because each student gets a book with stories from the whole class and after the presentation of all the classes the children of the class are on a mezzanine actually signing the books at the place of their history. In my school this is kind of an event where each year is chosen a theme and each class makes a presentation on that theme. In my year the theme was countries and my country was France. This woman who is in the middle of the picture is teacher Tayana, she was a very important teacher for my class. An example of her import is whem me and my class did a party on her birthday. I love this picture and it is very important to me. In my high school there are 2 big events which are the opening of the school games and the autograph night, they happen respectively to be a farewell from the high school since it happens in the third year of school and a farewell to the kids since in Damas first year of elementary school one still considered childish.


In this picture I am the penultimate







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