The Story Behind a Photo, Ramon Teen 3 G1.

The day that i meet Fausto Silva, or only Faustão.
I was 7 years old and was passing the vacation in São Paulo, with my father and his family, at the house of my aunt and my cousins, when we decided to visit the shopping Iguatemi, to buy some things and eat at McDonald´s, but, i didn´t felt very well, so i needed to pass at the drugstore to buy something, or i will vomit. After i bcame better, my father wanted to buy some clothes at Brooksfield, and after drink something, but, at the rote to the restaurant, we saw a overweight guy that we already saw in some place. He was using a black jacket, he has a REALLY big guy following, just look liked a security besides that, had 5 or 6 people following he. seeing that, we became curious, and went see who was that guy, and when we got closer, my father look liked as: Oh my GOD! Is Faustão!
He ran near Fausto and asked to he take a photo with me and my cousin,  so he laughed and accepted, and it is.

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