Zoo Luján

              This day is very important to me! because it was the first day next to a lion, this photo was in Argentina, in the zoo lujan. My father took the picture. It was an unforgettable moment. I was very scared but nothing happened. I was wearing the náutico shirt because the lion is the mascot of the náutico rival team, the sport

My first plane tripe.

My dad take this foto when  we  went to Paris in 2012.In this foto me and my mon are front of the Notredame church.

I was scared.because I creppyed to the hump of Notridame.But this church is so beautifull,special for all the word.

One travel at the time.

 The aperence is old but this photo was taken in the final of the 2016 year , at my travel with my family to the cities  Gramado and Canela in the state of Rio grande do sul. The photo setting is on the Steam museum where there was a place to have a section of photos with old themes . I love so much this photo because it reminds me how amazing this trip was . In addition to visit this museum we went to several museum , parks , gardens  and  chocolate factories . It was also trip i using the train my first time . 

My favorite photo


My favorite photo is with my friends. This photo was my mother who took, in 2018,on birthday of my friend! I love this photo, because these are the best friends. This picture was taken at my friends´s house. We spend the whole day at the pool and at night go out to restaurant with  them.This day is very important, because i got them all together it´s hard to see them all at once, because some people live in another city. At the moment we are all very happy and that is what friendship represents

the biggest plate ever!

One of my funniest photos is this one of the food of my friend, Helena.

I took this photo on a school trip in 2016 when she was lunching.
We were at a place called Ponto da Carne. It’s a steakhouse. I was eating my lunch then Helena came with her dish and i was was scared by the amount of food that was in her plate! She eated all and repeated the plate!

A great trip

One of my favorites photos is this one of me and my family.That day was my birthday and to celebrate, we went to Beto carreiro park in Balneário Camboriú, the camera of the park itself took this photo. the first toy we went to is called ” Raskapuska ” it was really cool and we had a lot of fun, the park is located in Inácio Francisco de Souza Street, Armação Beach. I love this photo because it’s happy and it reminds me of a great day in the park . I have the photo on my computer with others photos of Balneário.

when i visited the wax museum in gramado

I took that picture in 2015, when i was at the wax museum in gramado with my family, i took this picture because i like football and my favorite play soccer is neymar so i looked and thought ‘ i need to take one picture with neymar wax’ , and i love this picture because it reminds me of the happiest of being in gramado and i looked many sculptures there. And gramado was very cold at the time so i had a coat and a cap.

The best travel

This photo was taken by my mother and is one of my favorites, because in her i was traveling with a part of my family that i don’t see much. It was taken in Paris, France in 2016. The moment that i took the photo i was jumping but it almost fell, but that was a lot of fun, in this moment i was also waiting for my cousins and uncles to arrive, because they were buying and looking at things in small shops that there was. I keep this photo on my phone with a lot of affection.

Epcot Toy

This year, 2019, I went to Disney for the second time with my mother and my brother. It was great fun and we went on various toys. I do not remember the name of the toy but it was in Epcot Park. I still want to go back and reminisce about the best emotions. I loved it so much and it was even better with my family on the side.