keeping love in photograph

On the night of February 13, me, my mother and my sister had just arrived in São Paulo, because the next day we going to see a very special personal, Ed Sheeran. In  the next day we went very early to the queue of Ed Sheeran show, it was almost 5 hours of waiting but we managed to get into the stadium, where the show would be, and we got a great place to accompany the show. Opening saw the Passenger show and then we had Ed Sheeran’s show. The show was incredible and I will never forget it when I sang “I’m in love of the shape of you …” with him. #ababruna

one more family member

This photo was taken when we bought our dog.It was a normal day, may sister and I were watching TV when our father went to the room and told us the news.Me and my sister did not know what to do so we started to scream and without thinking twice we went straight to the petshop.We stopped at five petshop until we find our dog.We gave her name of Mel and we^ve been a joking all day.

My favorite photo


My favorite photo

i took this photo when i was at Bariloche Argentina, in that trip i also went to buenos aires and went to many touristic points. I like this photo because it was the first time i see snow and was my fist time outside Brazil.

after that trip I traveled to Chile in 2018 and I really enjoyed it.

Bhopal Disaster

This photograph from December 4, 1984 shows victims who lost their sight in the Bhopal poison gas tragedy as                                                         they sit outside the Union      Carbide factory in Bhopal, India.

por que eu sou B!!!

This photo was taken in the “prenda” of the end of year trip. we are in the last year of my school before high school and we have a tradition trip in the my school but it is the students who pay. so we make “prendas” on the last Fridays of each month with different themes, and whoever is not will have to pay 5 reais for the trip. And we always have great ideas on this day the theme was carnaval.

school olympics

This is one of my favorite photo. This photo was taken on 04/28/2018. This photo is marked by a very important event for me, in which me and my class ( both the boys and the girls have won medals, but in the photo, only the girls appear ). This  event happened in my school (  every year ), but the only grade that can participate in the school olympics are 6th year to 3 year of  high  school. The  experience was good, but with many disappointment. The first sport to be practiced was futsal , in which we were very bad and my class didn’t  won any medals. I  the other day i be practiced volleyball and  my class won a bronze medal ( better than nothing ) and …

Terrorist Atack

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This photo was in 11  of september in 2001,the day when, the terrorists came to US to tried to destroyed the most  financial places in US.But they only  destroyed The World Traid Center.They got some planes and two of the planes was flewn into the buildings .many people died and others jumped off the buildings.

trip to canada

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last vacation I went to Canada to visit my cousing. there I went to the place in the picture to see the city. there I took a lot of fotos. before I take this foto Iplaied snow ball war, but the snow was frozened and I hurt my leg.

I`m only a brazilian inglesh student so sorry if have any mistakes.