The story behind a photo- The Perfect trip


This is one of my favorite photos. I took it in my trip with my family to Italy. This photo was lost in my memory card but I found it in the end of the trip. It was in Pisa when were walking in the historic center and my father was telling the story of the place. I love this photo because it looks like a scenographic city but it is real and the color is incredible. I just love it.

Vacations in Universal

 One of my favorite photos is a photo with my family in universal park. My father took the photo during the vacation in 2017 July, it was a selfie. We were at the Universal park entrance ,we  took the photo at the globe, we were very exited to play. When we took the photo it was sunny and warm, and there were a lot of people in our front,so was hard to take the photo. We were smiling and happy. I like this photo because it was a funny day and reminds me of that amazing vacation. I have this photo in my phone and in other computers.

The story behind a photo- Marina da Fonte-T3G2

I took this photo, wen I stayed a long time in New York Manhattan, seven moth,but it was so cool. I really like there because it is so different like the peoples, the safety many think that we don’t have here in Brasil.I really like this photo because it represent a very importante moment of my life,stay a long time in other country with my uncle and my aunt and my 3 causing the same think of sisters and a brother like another family, study in a other school with other people but it was awesome.