The story behind a photo- Gabriel Valença-T3H1

I took this photo in july of this year, I was at the Chichén Itzá, Mexico. On this day I was visiting there. I have this photo on my cellphone. I like the Chichén Itzá because, there I took many photos, learn about history and I loved this place. This is one photo that I like too much. My mother took this photo on her cell phone, in July 2018, at one of most famous pyramids of Maya story ( Chichén Itzá).

The story behind a photo -Raquel Meira-T3H1

I took this photo because I wanted remember this moment , and I love this photo because when I see I stay very happy and other reson that I took this photo is because are very funny, because my dog amolst knocked me.Is my favory picture because I love my dog so much, and he is my baby. I took this photo on my house in the garden and I used my celphone for take the photo.

The story behind a photo-Caio Cordeiro-T3H1

In this photo, I had to Beto Carrero in Santa Catarina.I keep this photo in gallery,clow and Gmail. I like this photo because, in this day I´m so happy for exemple: I went to many big toys, fim 3D etc.I don´t have farotite photo, but I like this photo, because is one best day in my life.My father took this photo, hr tooks in Beto Carrero in the holiday.



the story behind a photo-Maria Luiza Pacheco- T3H1

This day I go to Disney with my best friend Luiza, my mother  and her family.We go to Magic Kingdom and was a very funny day!We go to roller coasters, and I saw all yhe Disney shows at the Cinderela Castel, my favorite show was Happily Ever After, is the new Disney show.In this day I ate a very good ice cream the ice cream at ayhe Mickey bath tub,and is so cute!I like to much this day,beacause Magic Kingdom is so beautiful and have nice toys, and I meet Mickey,Minnie,Goof,Donald Duck, and other Disney characters!Magic Kingdow is really a magic place, and have a good energy that make you feel so good!

The story behind a photo-Malu Luiza Levy T3H1

         This picture a took in Disney,when I did a similar photo that I saw in Instagram. I keep this photo in my gallery,I like that photo because its funny I try to imitate a photo.This is one of my favorite Disney pics.I went to Disney with my family and friends, it was a lot nice.Who took this picture was my mother,when I was in EPCOT its one park in DISNEYLAND.I took this phonto in the year 2015,january !

The Story Behind A Photo- Beatriz Costa- T3H1

I went to Gravata last month with my best’s friends, my mom did fotoshoot of me and my friends. She took this photo in the harbour, i thought this photo very tumblr and keep in my celphone. This day we did some photos, because my mom like take a photos, had more than 100 photos. I love stay with my friends, playing, talking, having fun and this photo show this, that’s why is my favorite.


The Story Behind The Photo-Gianlucca Moura-T3H1

In that photo im with my family in the Universal Etudios a other family we go with the mine take that photo like one year ago and that photo show a board family and that is the mos important thing i think we will be go to the disney each 2 years for give the time for the park like be have anything more. i Choice that photo because all the family only my grandmother because he maried in that  month dont go is in the photo and that is the second thing is important a reunited family and when i took the photo is the time of the fireworks and that is not my favorite photo my favorite photo is with rezendevil and that is in the phone of my fhater

The story behind the photo-Helena Correia-T3G2

This is my favorite photo with my best friends.We took this photo school travel in Aldeia,one of them really like to take photos so I gave her my selfie stick and she took it.When we took this photo we were going to the restaurant to have dinner so the photo is a litlle messy.This is one of my favorite photos because it is a memory of one of the best travels of my life with my three best friends.