A beauty day on the beach

One of my favorite photos is this one of Tabatinga beach.

I took this photo on my vacation in 2018; I was in Natal – RN.

I went to Tabatinga beach with my family. I was playing volleyball with my cousin, Jonatha, and my parents were swimming. The beach is wonderful and we saw fish all the time, when I was taking the photo the beach was flowing out; for me it was the perfect moment because there wasn’t any wave, it was calm and I was seeing fish because the water is transparent.

I love this photo because I have good memories of this day, and I love this beach.

I have this photo in my computer and cell phone with other photos of my vacation.

A magical place.


One of my favorite photos is this one of the forest around me. The forest seemed to be magic.

I took this photo in summer of 2018 when I was on vacation with my family. This photo was taken in Tamandaré, Pernambuco.

I was at a place called Reserve Biologic of Saltinho. It’s a nice place to go because is quiet, cool and zen. It’s next to Tamanderé beach. I was going to Maragogi beach, to visit my family beach house, when we decided go to Tamanderé beach, was we passed by this place. I thought it was wonderful. Although I was in the car I took a nice photo.

I like this photo because it brings me peace and tranquility.

I have the photo in my intragram.

New year… New opportunities!


This photo you’re looking at over-here is a little bit for special for because it was in a happy and reflexive moment for me and most of people around the world when they do a review of their life and decided to change themselves.

Who took the was myself. Although I don’t own a great camera yet I consider myself a enthusiastic photographer, I Like to take pics about things that perhaps can represent what I’m feeling on that specific moment 🙂

When I took this specific photo I was at Boa Viagem beach in 2015 where I used to pass my new year’s day with my family and friends. On that day as usual, there were a lot of people at avenue and on the sand too. Many joyful and anxious people waiting the beginning of another new year. How much nearer to the midnight, much more apprehensive everybody was and me too! As the clock marked 12-o’clock AM we witnessed a wonderful show of Fireworks, tons of them. Even using my old little and really normal camera I could take a really great pic that I think can symbolize what was on my mind!

I really believe that we have everyday all opportunities to be better and change ourselves and everything different, but it’s real that a lot of people can’t see how they really can do it and the new year’s day can be like life-cycle helping them to make sure what they need to do and the fireworks can be a mark in that moment of thinking.

I have this photo and some others on my Instagram. https://www.instagram.com/kahlil_lavareda/

A Different Day

One of my favorite photos is this one of me in a flight simulator.

My girlfriend took the photo in 2017 when we were in a professions fair by UNINASSAU in Recife.

We were enjoying a professions fair in one building of the Mauritius University of Nassau. It was morning and there were a lot of students. We visited a lot of stands explaining about various types of profession.  Although only one caught my attention, because it was the airplane pilot´s stand. I’m in love with this profession. So, I ran to there, learned something about the profession and when I was enjoying the flight simulator, my girlfriend took this photo.

I have the photo on my cellphone with other photos of this special moment.

My grandmother’s birthday


One of my favorites photos is this one of me and my family.

My cousin took the photo on March 30 of 2018 when me and my family were celebrating my grandmother’s birthday.

We were in my aunt house, it’s the house where I lived the first days of my life. The house is big and fits all the family. My house is next to my aunt’s house and and while we was taking the photo my dog came in and jumped in my cousin so she took him in hers hands and we took the photo.

I love this photo because I love the moments where my family are reunited, my family is very funny and we enjoy a lot moments like this were we are each others.


Beach Day!

One of my favorite photos is this, and I was with my friends, Ingryd and Amanda and their family although you didn’t see us.

I took this photo in 2017. We were in Tamandaré beach, but we weren’t on vacation, just doing a activity about tourism.

We were walking for some minutes on the beach, knowing the sights, old churches, beautiful houses and took a lot of photos to put in our activity. It was a very nice day. Although it’s an activity, we did it with pleasure. We bought ice cream, ate potato chip, played with Ingryd’s  niece, swam too. The sky was wonderful on that day, and we decided to take the photo to remember it.

I like this photo because It’s happy , I remember the moment with my friends, and I love to remember the beautiful landscape.

I have this photo on my cellphone and other photos in the same place.

A special day

One of my favorite photos is this one of me and the kids in the “ECC”, a cristhian meeting for kids.

We took this photo on the third day of the event, it was in the spring of 2017 when I was working in the “Encontro de Crianças com Cristo” in Aldeia.

I was their aid and we were on the porch, sitting on the floor and talking about the “no words book” that is like a 5 pages book whit just colors where each color represent one step towards salvation. I was telling them the history and showing in the bibble the verses.

I love this photo because it reminds me of the kids and how they were so focused on learning what I was saying.

I have the photo on my cellphone with other photos of the event.

My Favorite Photo by Diego ABA

One of my favorite photos is this one of me and my friends: Tamires, Dayvid and Camille.

I took this selfie in April 19, 2018, when we get out of the school.

The place that we were is called Chiquinho Sorvetes, it’s a famous Ice Cream Shop in Boa Viagem, we bought three ice creams and one was free ‘cause we completed the Fidelity Card of the Chiquinho XD. It was the first day that me and my friends get out together, ‘cause always that we mark a meeting, we never get out ‘cause always we have a problem, ALWAYS XD, so, we decided to take a selfie of the day that we finally had a meeting <3.

The reason that I love this photo is because  it’s happy moment, funny and and was a great day with my best friends!

I have this photo in my cell phone and I hope take others selfies in Chiquinho Sorvetes again, the ice cream there is very tasty!

My Favorite Photo

One my favorite photos is this one of me and my friends, Diego; Belly; Lari; Rai and Duda.

My friend Giovani took the photo in 2017 on the day of our dance performace for the whole school in Boa Viagem.

We are in the gymnasium of school. This photo was taken when we were waiting for our turn in the presentation. Despite of the smile, we were very nervous. While we were taking the photo, the other room was showing and  there was little time for our show. While we did not arrive, we took a lot of photos.

I like this photo because  it was an important day for us, where we showed our work of months.

I have the photo in my phone and in my gmail

My favorite photo

One of my favotite photos is this, with my family.

The photographer Anderson that is our friend took the photo on my 15st birthday of 2016.

We were togheter at my party, that was a dream not only by me but by everybody that my love.We were receiving the guests, were eating delicious foods, and were listening funny musics, were seeing our family that come from far, were talking with my friends, we were giving hugs, was one moment very special. When my photographer took this photo me and my family opened a smile and we did this position to show our unity.

I love so much this photo because it´s  has the best peoples by me and was one day very cool.

I have this photo in my social netwoorks and one a folder with photos of my birthday