My vacation in Orlando january 2017

My vacation in Orlando

In January 2017. Me, my mom Andrea, my dad Homero and my brother Guilherme going for the flight is very difficult because one girl was disturbing me and my mom,in the airport is very quiet.We going to hotel at 3:00 p.m,i have never seen a hotel as luxurios as this, is very coll, in the hotel have sevenĀ  restaurants, one restaurant have a Brazilian food,have a academy, have a bowling etc.

In the first day we going to the universal,one park of orlando,me and my brother going to the all toys for the universal but the best toy is rocket, is very radical.

in the second day, we buying very things in the outlet.Outlet is a shopping in Orlando very famous for have promocion every day, my mom very liked for the outlet.In the final of day we going to the a restaurant Five Guys, in the five guys have the best hamburguer for the florida, is very good.

In the final day in Orlando, we going to the Magic Kingdom, the park where have a big castel and have a shows, toys, restaurants tipics etc.

In the Magic Kingdom is a very cool, the toys is very criative and the restaurants have a delicious food, but in the final of the day we returns for Recife.Orlando is a place very criative and very interesting.


Gustavo Borba


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