I Nice Trip

I took this photo in João Pessoa on vacations of 2014, in june with my family. We went to João Pessoa because we wanted to travel to some place than everybody could go. I thing João Pessoa is nice, because there has a lot of beaches and good restaurants to go. Besides the beaches and restaurants, was a shopping than is like a ship! Don´t think this is amazing? There, in the shopping have all the shopes than you need. What i´ll say now you wont belive, but I found my mother´s friend and her son, he has my age! When my mother find a friend is terrible, because she and her friends don´t stop to talk. So after the shopping I went to friend´s of my mother house. After that day we traveled back to Recife. ( In the photo: I, José Victor and my mother Flávia)

-José Victor Moraes de Almeida

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