On my vacation

In january i went to Salvador with my Family, us we go to a lot of                                                                                              beaches an mall shopping. In Valença  we’on a boat,to go to Morro de                                                                                  São Paulo, we go to  watterfall, rivers and beaches. After i come to                                                                                          Recife i go to João Pessoa. In João Pessoa i stay in a hotel in front a                                                                                        beach, in two dais i go to a water park. In the last day i went to an big                                                                                    aquarium. 

This summer

one of my favorite photo is one of the beach.
My coisinha took the picture in the summer of this year,when we was at the beach of muro alto.
It was a beautiful day, the sky was light blue and the sea green with blue, I was siting on the sand seeing the amazing landscape.
I love this picture because it reminds me of this wonderful summer.
I have this photo in a frame and I post it on the instagram.

My travel to USA


one of the photo that I like most is this. The presentation of game day. I took the photo in the summer of 2016 when we were on vacation with I, my father and my mom. I took his photo In tampa bay.We were at a stadium called “Raymond James stadium”. The stadium of Tampa bay buccaneers, a team of Fotball in Tampa bay. It was going a presentation of the game, Tampa bay buccaneers against Carolina Panthers. The players of the game are introduced in this presentation. The visitor won the game unfortunately but was very god experience.i love this photo because It was the first game of Fotball I went to.i have the photo in my cellphone and others photo of the game .

My summer vacation

        One of my favorite photos is this one of me and my cousin, Sofia.

        My grandmother took the photo in the last summer when we were on vacation with our family in a city called Tamandaré.

       We were in our beach house in Tamandaré. It’s a little house in front of the beach. We were watching a cartoon called Sponge Bob Square Pants and eating cereal. When were hugging it other, my grandmother took the photo.

       I love this photo because it remind me the places, the people and the moments that makes me happy.

       I have the photo in my cellphone and in a frame.

My travel to Orlando







    In this photo I was with my mother and brother. My father took the photo in 2015

and I was on a vacation with my family. The weather was hot and sunny.

I was walking in the Universal park when I saw the school of Harry Potter called Hogwarts.

I loved the school , so I took a photo in front of it.

    I like this photo because Harry Potter is one of my favorite movies and  I was very happy.

    I have the photo on my computer with my other photos of Orlando.


Mariana Chaves

My favorite photo.

It is my favorite photo. In this pic, shown two lamps, and these lamps show something special. There is a story behind this photo.

I was in Gravatá when my parents bought these lamps. When I saw the lamps, I was in love! I didn’t know why, but suddently I fell in love! So I took a picture.

And to look beautiful, I used an edit app.

So that is the story behind my favorite photo!

From fantasy to reality

One of my favorite photos is this one of the street and one of the books I love the most.
I took that photo for my Art Class in 2018 when I got home in the afternoon of that day.
I was just in front of my house so I called my best friend Miguel who is actually my neighbor to hold my book up but he didn’t thought I was going to make him kneel in the middle of the street like a crazy person. Well, when I took the phot I was like: “Finally a good picture!” and my friend was like: “I’m finally free of you now!”
I really like that photo because it’s reminds me that we live in the reality not in the fantasy from the books. Like when you get out from your reading you are going to have a life waiting for you and as everyone knows life isn’t perfect all the time.
I keep this photo with a bunch of black and white pictures on my cellphone.

One of my favorite photos is this of me and my family in Ney York
My aunt took it when we were on vacation
we were in statue of liberty
I like this photo because it’s a souvenir of this travel
I have this foto on my computer and on my cellphone

My trip to Orlando

On January 22, 2015 I traveled to Orlando !! It was an amazing experience !! I loved. I did many things. I met Mickey, Minnie, Cinderella’s castle 🙂 I went to many places for example: Miami, Walmart, Magic Kingdom, Universal, Busch Gardens, Sea world … I went with my mother, my sister Raissa, my sister Luisa, my grandmother Waldira and my cousin Gabriel. That was my favorite trip. I met many princesses !! I really want to go back one day !! I miss everything that i lived. It was fantastic!! I lived adventures with my family !! Orlando wait for me, I’ll be back soon