I have been to Floresta, munipality of Pernambuco. I traveled there some yars ago. I went with my mother, my brother and one friend of my mother. I stayed in my uncle´s farm but he wasn´s´there. Most of the days we stayed at the farm because the centre of the city is a bit dangerous. Our friends lived there. We did many things because the people who live there are my mother´s friend for long time,so we had many things to do and to talk. We went to São Francisco river, we walked around the city a bit. In the morning was very hot, and at the night a little less hot. Concluding, the travel was very nice.

My trip to Curitiba

In july of 2016 I went to Curitiba with my mother, father, sister and brother. My mother took the photo when we went to the Tanguá Park.

My father went to Curitiba to study, so while he was studying, we traveled around the city. We went to the Tanguá Park, because it is one of the best sights in Curitiba.

I like the photo because the view is so beautiful and cool. I have the photo on my cell phone.

My trip to Disney!


This is my favorite photo becausa I really like this place. The photo was taken by me in 2016 when i visited disney. i was with my parents, ysley and humberto. my brother, victor. my uncles, cousins and grandparents. we were all on vacation celebrating my 14th birthday. this is castle is very famous he is in the magic kingdom, a park in the USA created by walt disney. the park receives more than 8 thousand people at a day. My family was very happy in visited a park. we were watching one of the presentation.

My photo at the Disney!

This is my favorite photo because i am at Disney park and i am with my sister, Gabi. My mother took that photo when we were at the universal studios in the Harry Potter part of the park.

When my mother took the photo me and my sister were waiting at the dragon(behind me and my sister) spit fire and waiting the line of the `gringots bank´ get smaller.

I have that photo saved on my computer and on my cellphone.


The náutico game.

This day besides begin the náutico game wich is very important but besides that day was a day that i liked a lot for the simple fact that i was with my grandfather and my mom and dad.My mom she wants to take this photo, but the náutico game are almots ready to start so she takes quickly.The game was on june,29 the game was in Arena de Pernambuco.I like this photo beacuse i´m with my grandfather in a photo wich is rare but a like this photo more for the fact that náutico won this game.I keep this image on my computer and a past to my e-mail.




I went to Orlando, Florida in my vacation of 2016 to visit the parks of Disney and universal.I went to US with my mother, my father, my two uncles, my aunt and my grandmother.I like everything in the trip because i never visit the US, but the best part of the trip it was the parks.The weather it was sunny every day, but the final of the travel was very cold and rains a lot. I stayed in cabana bay resort

my favorite photo

this is one of my favorite photos!

I took this picture along with my cousin that I had not seen for a year

We were at a basketball game together with my parents, my brother and her parents.

I like it because on that day my cousin and I met again, soon after I took a picture on the fox table and the team that we were cheering won!

My favorite photo

One of my favorite photos is this one of me and my soccer team. 

My dad took this photo in a match in 2016 when we were playing against Damas

We were at a soccer field in the school that I study, CBV. We were talking about the tactics
that we would use in the game. We won this game, 2×1. Although our team was discredited in the league we could win.

I love this photo because it reminds me of a happy day that I have.

I have this photo on my cellphone and on my Instagram!