I took this photo in the carnival of this year. I spent the holiday in Muro Alto, Porto de Galinhas. Most of my friends were there too, so we decided to met, so one day we go to my friend’s house. So me and more seven friends: Bia, Manu, Olga, Dora, Isabela, Luana and Leticia, wnet there. We had so much fun, we went to the pool, took photos, and did a lot of things together. 

The day that my brother born



When i has 5 years old we and all my family was commemorating because my mom was pregnant but i always didn´t know…..

But i didn´t asked because i was loving to be playing with my cousents.

when already was in the midow of the party i dicided to ask she why is having a party.She looked for me with a big smile and said:I am pregnant!!!

when she heard what she tell to me i scream:I´m going to have a little brother!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i tell to my cousents and they was very happy two!

9 month latter,i was going to the hospital with my hol family.Every boddy was very exited watind to the baby in a little room.

1 hour latter,my father sad to me: lets see the baby!!

all the people that was watting the baby goes to a window an in a feel minutes my father was with the baby in the lap,an didn`t belive!

An now my brothe become my best friend.

the story behind a photo

This picture was when I went to London with my family and went to big ben. It’s a special day for me, because in this day I came to know many things about London. And i like so much the city. There I went to many turistic places and the best for me is the big ben.

The story behind a photo

      This picture was taken when i went to Disney for my first time. It was in 2014, i was 10 years old and i was in Magic Kingdom, a famous park of Disney. At the moment of the photo was taken we are watching one of the beautiful and traditional parades of this park. Behind the parade we can see the Cinderella’s Castle, an incredible and majestic building.

       This travel was amazing, i went to Disney’s four biggest parks: Animal Kingdom, Magic Kingdom, Epicot and Hollywood Studios. I went to a lot of roller coasters and attractions and this was really funny.

       One year after this voyage, i went to Disney again, but at this time with my father’s family and this was as funny as the first.  I really like so much this travels and because of that i am looking forward to my next trip to the U.S.A!

                              This was the story behind this photo, bye bye and see you again!

The story behind a photo

This is my dog. His name is Alvo and he is a Golden Retriver. When my family and me decided to have a dog, we went to a dog kennel and we saw four little dogs. we choose the most beautiful dog and we named it Alvo honoring Alvo Dumbledore of Harry Potter. When he arrivedst my house, he played with his ball, he ates and sleeped. We keep holding he in the arm and tickling. We took him to my godfather´s house and he was filled with sand and prickly pear.


Alvo ate a lot of socks, sneackers, flip flops, clothespins, furnitures of the kitchen, our food when we were not paying atenttion, etc. We took him top Aldeia this year and the people loved him and he did a golden retriver friend, Oliver. He rans a lot and  played with us.

Now Alvo is bigger and more beautiful.

The best paintball match

The story about this picture was on a day of the month of July 2016, my friend kaiky invited me for his birthday on a paintball field.

On the day of  birthday I went to our school to pick up a van that took us to the field. When we arrived there were two teams formed the school team and the kaiky´s apartment. Kaiky stayed in the school team in the first 3 matches and in the other team in the other two matches.

This was my first paintball match of my life, I was very nervous because I wanted to play well, my school friends said that I play well but they told me to give only one shot, not many shots. I killed three and I was very happy.

At the end were five matches and we won 3vs2 and then we celebrated the anniversary. And then we got into the van to go back to school and then home.

Happy New Year!!!

This moment was very special for me because I was with all my family and friends.

We find at my beach house on the thirty-first of December to celebrate New Year’s Eve. My grandmother cooked all the dinner (it was delicious) while the other adults were organizing everything (decorating the table, putting the sofa outside …). Me, my friends and my cousin were playing ball. After all, we sat down and talked for dinner.

When it was 10 pm, we went to the table to serve, we had dinner and when we saw, only one hour left for the fireworks. We are excited!! We played some more and then sat down to wait for the fireworks.

Ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one… HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!

We toast and celebrate the arrival of the new year.

This was one of the best moments of my life.


The Story Behind A Photo

My mother took this photo on my first day on karate class. My brother already made, and my parents                         wanted me to do too, but I didn’t want. But my father continued insisting and my Shiran(karate teacher)                  convinced me to make just one class, and he said that if I don’t liked, I don’t continue. So I went on that day            and I really liked, so I decided to do, and I’m training until today.                                                                                     

A Story Behind a Photo

 In this photo i went to U.S.A, and i was in the Epcot Center one amazing park. Me and my family to there in 2014 september, it was my firt trip to out of the coutry. That park have kind of neighborhoods one for each word power(countreis) so is really amazing we begin in Germany,than we go to Japan, have lunch on Italy and desert on France, we stop a little to my granparents rest,and than we go to the big ball that you can see in the  photo . We pass like 7hours in the park, and then we watch a a game ofamerican footbal. It was amazing.

The place where the dreams come true

                                                               In 2016 I went with my whole family to the United States,we were in 13 people!It was an awesome experience,we stayed in a house,I thought that being in a house was really cool and it was!It was my grandparents and my aunt’s first time there,they look like kids in the parks,they went crazy!My another aunt was pregnat, so she didn’t went to many rides but, she had a great time there.I think it was my best trip in my whole life but, in 2018 we are going to go back there with my cousin,my future sister and my another granparents.