The greatest trip

One month ago, I was in Bariloche, Argentina with my family. This trip was fantastic and I think was the best. I liked because I had never seen snow. I did different things for example: We skied and took a lot of photos. The landscape of the mountains was very beautiful, the snow was falling and the river below. Also we went to Piedras Blancas. We went up the mountain and down skiing. Then we went to Buenos Aires and visited all the city. Buenos Aires has beautiful and different places for example the Japanese Garden. We spent 10 (ten) days there. The first 5 days we stayed in Buenos Aires and I visited many parts of the city, we ate different foods. One day, we went to Starbucks Coffee and I ate one cookie and a hot chocolate. We went to “Siga Las Vacas” and ate meat. The other days we visited Bariloche. There we ate much chocolate, thereĀ“s the chocolate city. The chocolate was very good and we bought a lot to eat here….

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