Maria Farinha


When this picture was taken, me, my brother and my cousins were in Maria

Farinha, in the condominium where my grandmother had a house. On that

day, in night, my brother, Diogo, and my cousins, Tiago and Rodrigo, were

playing with sand. Then, very late, it started to rain. With that, my mother

and my aunt asked for my cousin, Larissa, goes call them. When they

returned, they were completely wet because of the rain. Then I also went to

the outside of the house and started taking rain shower, it was amazing! We

were playing in the rain for a long time, and had a moment my cousin

threw his shirt to the top and it was caught by the post thread…and stayed

there for days! This picture is special to me because it reminds me one of

the happiest times of my life, my childhood, spend alongside the people I

love most, my family!


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