The last day of salvador trip


  • I took this photo in Salvador, on the last day of my trip on the Ponta de Humaitá;
  • I stayed in Salvador for two weeks with Beatriz, Maria Clara and her parents;
  • We had a lot of fun and we went to many places: Farol da barra, Salvador shopping, Igreja de Nosso Senhor do Bonfim, Praia do Porto da Barra, Igreja de São Francisco, Ponta de Humaitá, Pelourinho, Mercado Modelo, Elevador Lacerda…;
  • The last day, was the best because we did manys tourist tours, eat some ice cream, lunch on a restaurant, went to the movie theater and dinner on the Mc Donalds;
  • This trip was a good experience because I stayed in a new family and they had different traditions.


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