new york

10649769_704045089677370_980633971070623105_n-4this picture was taken in new york hilton hotel in this trip was exellent was with my family traveled for a week but a week that will take the rest of my life. I gems towers and various other places such as museums, shopping malls and the empire states visited historical monuments and what I learned in this city will bring to my life.

my first trip


391073_175015652592401_285499008_n-1mab5t9-300x225    When i was 7 years old i went to New York City. that was my first travel. when i enter in the airplane the pilot talk with me, he asked ( you want to take a photo in the cabin?) my mom sad yes ans i take a photo in the cabin, it was very cool, i had never seen the cabin fo the pilot, it’s a lot of buttons and i think it’s to dificulty to be a pilot. I traveled with my mom aunt and uncle. I traveled with an helicopter and i saw the Statue of the Liberty. After that i hide a ship to the Statue of the Liberty but i didn’t enter into the statue.

Maria Farinha


When this picture was taken, me, my brother and my cousins were in Maria

Farinha, in the condominium where my grandmother had a house. On that

day, in night, my brother, Diogo, and my cousins, Tiago and Rodrigo, were

playing with sand. Then, very late, it started to rain. With that, my mother

and my aunt asked for my cousin, Larissa, goes call them. When they

returned, they were completely wet because of the rain. Then I also went to

the outside of the house and started taking rain shower, it was amazing! We

were playing in the rain for a long time, and had a moment my cousin

threw his shirt to the top and it was caught by the post thread…and stayed

there for days! This picture is special to me because it reminds me one of

the happiest times of my life, my childhood, spend alongside the people I

love most, my family!


With my best friends


This is one of my favorite photos, because on it I’m with two of my best friends, Isabela and Heloísa.

It was taken in June of this year, in the break of classes in my school and who took was one of my friends who appear in photo, Heloísa.

I love this photo because it’s fun and I’m with two of my best friends in it.

Serrambi beach with my friends


Last summer, me and my friends went to the beach of serrambi. we arrived very soon, we were riding a speedboat and a jet ski. In the nigth my friends and i, went to the pizzeria of the city, and eating very types of pizza.

in the other three days, of morning always played ball and we were in the pool, in the afternoon we were always riding a jet ski and lanch, and at night we were going to the House of another friend of ours to talk.

The greatest trip

One month ago, I was in Bariloche, Argentina with my family. This trip was fantastic and I think was the best. I liked because I had never seen snow. I did different things for example: We skied and took a lot of photos. The landscape of the mountains was very beautiful, the snow was falling and the river below. Also we went to Piedras Blancas. We went up the mountain and down skiing. Then we went to Buenos Aires and visited all the city. Buenos Aires has beautiful and different places for example the Japanese Garden. We spent 10 (ten) days there. The first 5 days we stayed in Buenos Aires and I visited many parts of the city, we ate different foods. One day, we went to Starbucks Coffee and I ate one cookie and a hot chocolate. We went to “Siga Las Vacas” and ate meat. The other days we visited Bariloche. There we ate much chocolate, there´s the chocolate city. The chocolate was very good and we bought a lot to eat here….

My frist trip

My frist trip was to Gramado, southern Brazil. Lawn is a different city of Recife, because it is cold. In Gramado gramadohas a chocolate factory where my parents and I visited, and best of all was that nois still eat. In Gramado have very flowers which do not see much here. In pass 10 days and in 7 day we go to canela, is one city bihend the Gramado. Is a good city to visit, have flowers, chocolate, is cold and one chocolate factory. I think it is best city in Brazil.