A special birthday

on my first birthday, my mother decided to baptize me. My sister was my godmother and my brother my godfather. After my baptism, my family prepared a  really big party for me. My grandmother died one week after this event. my mother stayed really sad but happy at the same time, why only she can participate in something important in my life. This day was really special day bacause, my mother, my sisters and brothers, all my family had a great time together, eat a lot of food, talk about funny things, and stay with my grandmother a lot of time. They talk about this day every christmas. They say it was the best birthday of the world.


The best trip!

When i traveled to Los Angeles and San Francisco i go with my family. In this trip i have 11 years old. This trip was so good! In the photo me and my family is in font of the Hollywood sign, the weather is good, was sunny but didn’t was hot. In the trip i, my mother, my father, my brother and my granmother took so much photos! The citys was so beautiful and  like so much this trip! In one day i was near to Leonardo DiCaprio but didn’t see him, have so much people there.                                             



The story behind a photo TEEN 3 E1


In July I traveled to Sergipe with my family, spent a week there. We stayed in a ranch! I remember the first day we visited Aracaju and stayed all day it,then went to water park on the ranch, then we went to the circus. The other day we walked in a horse and run around the hotel doing! Other days we stayed at the hotel chatting and having fun! It was a very good week and I want that time back for me to live it again and enjoy that great time…


Carnival Trip

This photo was taken on february, while my mother and I were on a short trip. We went to Carneiros during the Carnival and stayed there for three days, in a hotel. Our room was confortable and the view really beautiful, we could see the beach from really close, because it was in the front of our door.
Although there was cool, we were always visiting new places. The best part of the trip was the day my mother took me to see the house she used to go on vacation when she was a little kid. It wasn’t the same, surely, but it still exists and it’s beautiful. After seeing a little bit of her chillhood, we were starving, so we went to the city searching for a restaurant and ended up going in some stores.
Then, we drove back to the hotel and my mother took this photo of me. I really like it and the memories it brings.Snapchat-4640304011011197213-1

A Important Photo For Me!

My dad took this photo on my 5 or 6th birthday, and on this day I make a lot of friends, I swam a lot on my grandpa and grandma pool, I love swim and on this day I played a lot with my dad, my mom, my friends and my grandpa. Obviously I won a lot of presents, my mom and my dad give for me a DS, its a old consol from Nindendo, I won too a lot of clothes, toys, games and another consol of Nintendo, the Nintendo Wii, a lot of other things. On the night my family and some friends played soccer, hide and seek, on the midle of night + or – at 23:30 we eat cake. This party went a surprise for me, when my dad and mom went with me to the pool and I see a most part of my friends and family I was realy happy. When I back for my house, my dog jump on me and liped my leg I think that was the way of he telling me happy birthday!

At that moment i was really happy


At this moment i was at the party of my friend Bianca, in this party I found many friends, we talked about everything and the time passed so fast, it’s time to sing congratulations, then talked a little with my friends and then my parents called me to go away.

But I asked to stay a little longer and so was my night, talking with fun people, and finally took multiple photos to never forget this moment so happy that all of us were all together.

when the time to say goodbye  we hugged .when got home I gave a hug to my parents and said thank you for this wonderful night.