My favourite Photo


One of favorite photos is this at parque de AspenAspen park with my sister, Letícia.

The camera with  sensor was taking the photo was during the route of trenó in 2014, when we were on vacation with our family in  Gramado / RS.

When were going to the Aspen park. it’s a simple park in Gramado, but is very famous in the region. And the very famous toy in the park  was the Trenó. We were going for the first time at the Trenó, I was going with my sister and our mother  was going with our father. we were little afraid however we were going, and we were loving  this toy and we were going another and another times… But this photo show the first time that we were going  and this photo was very spontaneous because we were funny. This was the reason I was buying the photo.

I love this photo because is funny, remenber goods moments with my sister and remenber my travel for Gramado with my family.

I have the photo in a frame on my bedroom and I was posting on my Instagram.


An Important Moment To Me









On this day me and my family were in a galery to buy 4 tickets to a boat ride around the city.There,in the boat we saw many diferent and interesting places.We stopped in those places too like Planetary that is a very good museum about science and astrology with many ehxibitions,and in the Park De La Costa that is an aquatic park,because of it,we had 3 hours there, to go to the pool and dry ourselfs before come back to the boat.The park had many attractions but the main are the wave pool and the big slides.After that we came back to the hotel.I enjoyed the ride a lot because my favorite kind of park is an aquatic and i like science too.



Travel to Argentina


On july 2013, me and my family went to Buenos Aires, Argentina. Was birthday of my      brother and was so special. This travel was so awesome, the weather was cold, but didn`t     was snow and the atmosphere was great.

At this moment my father was took this photo, me my mother and my brother were back        to Casa Rosada,In Argentina we went to musiums, restaurans, zoo and  stadiums. We visited  a zoo and in that place had elephants, penguins, giraffes and more. We went to one musium and in this musium we can touch in the arts, was amazing.

I chose this photo because I like of this travel and was a great moment with my family.              I never forgot of this travel!



How was my days in New York

In march I went to New York whit my family, I loved it! The city was beatiful,and the weather was so cold, we  saw snow in the streets, I stayed in a hotel but I didn’t liked, the room was small and the food was disgusting,the first place we went was the Central Park, was awesome! I could saw a lot of snow in the ground and there had a zoo and I saw many animals. After that we went to the times square garden and we saw a Justin Timberlake show, was very nice.In the end of the travel we went to se a musem.the travel was awesome! I can’t wait to go a another timeIMG_0089

The best vacation

ricardo bariloche

When this picture was taken, I was on a vacation
with my parents in Bariloche, Argentina. M
y whole family traveled with us, so, it was fantastic.
On this day, We went to the Cerro Otto and We climbed the
mountain on cable car. In the top of the mountain, there
was a revolving restaurant with a delicious food.
When we were leaving the restaurant we see this dog to
take photos in the snow. This day wasn’t the first time that I see the snow, the first time was 2 days before when I
went to another mountain and when I arrived it was snowing . For me this was my favorite trip because I skied and I saw the snow for the first time and I love this picture because I remember all the good times .

A good trip

  I traveled with my family to São Luis (Maranhão), and  the trip is very enjoyed, I pass only one week.  I liked so much the place, the best tour is to lençois maranheses it is beautiful. There are many mountains of sand there, and in the finaly of mountains hardly ever have a smal kind of lake. The tourist place is very interesting to visit, I remember I was playing in the lake withg my brother and we saw a fish, there is so funny to childrens and adults, but don’t can lead  food and alcoholLARY drink because inside the park don’t  have polution. this photo was took  in one mountain when I and my brother were sliding on the sand, in my mind I´m remember our smiles, my mom took this photo because is very specialy  for her.  I point to go to  this attraction tourist, it’s a fasciniting place… I really enjoyed the trip.  In this photo I was 7 years old.


A big travel

When I treveled to Orlando and Miami I was 9 years,I went with my sister, my father and my mother, I love the United States, I did a lot of things there. This trip is very important for me, bacause it was my fist time in the USA.

I arrived recife and I got a plane to miami, I pass 2 days there doing a lot of things, like, went to a city tour arround tthe city, up in a bulding to see the view, visit some hotels. After that I got a plane to Orlando. In orlado I spent one week there. I stayed in a hotel inside the disney park and it was so good, because some parks are so close the hotel.I went to all the parks.

On the first day in Orlando I got a car and go to the bush gardens, a park far froom my hotel, that park is my favorite, because have a lot of cool roller coaster, and inside the park have a zoo.After that I a took a car to return to the hotel.On the next day I went to the magic kingdom I like, but my sister love it.In the next days I went to the others parks and it was so good.On the last day I went to the mall and after I got a plane and came back to Recife. DSC00940


My travel to saw the snow!



Those photos are important for me because they remind me my trip to Bariloche, Argentina on July of 2015.I traveled there to see the snow.The trip was awesome and the snow is so beautiful ! I like the first photo because all my family is together there, in the most part of the photos we have of this trip one of us was taking the photo and is not present at the image. At this day we were in a blizzard and it was so strong! At the first photo we were building a snowman under a tree because the snow  was falling out of the tree and we couldn’t see very well because of the snow. The second photo is only to show how strong was the blizzard: my dad was sitting on a chair with snow on it and I was falling of the chair when we sat on the chair we sink. The temperature was not very freezing because we was using special clothes for snow, they are so ugly but they protected us a lot. We only knew who was each one because of the colors of ours special clothes for snow. My dad was using the black one, my mom the yellow, my sisters the blue and the dark grey and I wore the grey one.This trip was unforgettable!!!There I discovered I love cold and snow!!!