My best picture!

In 07/07/2006, I had my 4th birthday. In this moment, I was so happy because I was having a party in Game Station, it was my favorite place. In the photo, we (me, Rafael, Danilo, André, Leonardo and Bruno) were in a big playground ! I remember this moment because it was my last birthday party in Recife. In 2007, my parents traveled to São Paulo to stay there, but in 2013 I was returned to here and I saw with my old friends. Now I study with Rafael, Danilo and Bruno on Colégio Boa Viagem 😀FullSizeRender

A Summer Day



Is a very summer and beaultiful day, I and my friends went to Carneiros beach because is birthday of the one of my friends, I meet her since 2005 so she was very important. The party was very cool, we went to the pool and to the beach and in this photo I was playing soccer when one of my friends saw and took the picture. I like so much because I didn’ saw when she took him and the cenary was bealtiful.

The best year.


this photo is important for me because this class,5°C, was a class that i met a good part off my great friends of today,if it wasnt this class,my life would be the same, a lot of great things happened to me,we win the JICS of CBV this year,i win a swimming competition,i started to play in the school team of soccer,i had nine years old and it was amazing for me.all the people on this photo were my friends, just one or two i dont know where is today.My best friends this year were danilo and galvão,really good friends.

I will never forget this class and this people for the rest of my life.



in July I traveled on my vacation to Argentina with my friend, Julia, with his brother and his father. this trip acamos enontrando two friends, Giovana and Malu. also we found that our friends from her colleges were playing a football club, which actually was a championship that the best would be ocnvocados jogasr cons for different countries.We took these pictures in Puerto Madero in the place where we had dinner with our best friends and took several photos for a souvenir, because the place was too beautiful to take pictures. I like this photo because it has my best friends que I live too, and she will be guardade long, because it was the first trip que the four did “together”.

My favorite picture


In this day i was with my 4 cousins , my mother, my dad, my sister,my uncle and my aunt at Disney’s Magic Kingdom. Than I was looking at my phone when I saw that Fred the soccer player was at Magic kingdom at the same roller coaster than me ! Then me and my aunt wanted to took an photo with him, when I’ve saw him. I was too desperate than I ask he could took a photo with me and he accepted.

Long time, no seeing

IMG_0004 (1) In this special day, I got the chance to saw my mare and to run with her. I past almost one year without seing her, it was torture. I couldn’t stand anymore ’cause i was missing her to much. When the guy how brings the horses came and I saw that he wasn’t with her, I started felling so bad, and I did everything, I used every single part of me, every strength that I have so I wouldn’t cry. But it wasn’t enough, I started cry so bad, and then my mother notice that I was crying. She come to talk to me and she asked why was I crying, and I answered, I said that it has because I haven’t see my mare in almost a year now and that I missed her so much. After that my mother went to talk to the guy, she asked him why my mare wasn’t there, and he said that it was because he wasn’t able to get her. Then, my mother asked him to see if he could try with all his strengths to get her, ’cause I really wanted to, at least, see her even if it wasn’t to run with her. And then he went to try one more time. I wasn’t able to stop crying so I just standed there with my mother huging me and crying a lot. After some time he went back, and guess how was with him ?? That’s right, my lovely and beautiful mare, her name is Estrelinha by the way, ( I know that her name sucks, but that’s another history) I didn’t stop crying, but now I was crying ’cause I was happy, I got the chance to see my so loved mare. When I climbed on her and I was ready to start running with her, my mom took that fotograph.

I was in São Bento do Una, a city in the coutryside of Pernambuco.

That picture is one of my favorites pics, ’cause I was sooooo happy that I got to see her after almost one year. I really think that was the day that I was longest with her, I was missing her so much, that it was hurting me. In the day after that, I was hurt all over my body, but I was really happy ’cause I got to see her. And, just to finish, I will say that see is one of the things that I love the most.

the painting

IMG_2133  i was in a hurry to take a photo because i don’t had time to waste when i take this photo in a wall of ABA i really was happy cause i finally have a photo. this picture is important to cause if i don’t have this i will get a zero in the grade. 😛 when i was searching for something that could be interesting i saw this paint in the wall and i said wow its beautiful that’s all folks.

My friends // Sis S2




my sis and bestsHiii, so this my favorite picture from me and my best friends or like I call them, my sis or my meissa the one tall and with curly hair and the other is pix (the one making beak). So, I don’t remember very well where this photo were tooked but I think that was in a theater for what something of young childs. I were trully happy because I were with my best of the best friends, I remember that we were playing some game with the hands and for what I record, it was adoleta. This is a important picture because I was with my friend that now lives at Juazeiro do Norte in Ceará… Yeah, is a bit far but I don’t care because when she comes to Recife we make the party literally, and we use to talk by snapchat or whatsapp any way for us to talk is already good cause I can see her, listen to her, and the other one, behind me (I’m the middle one) she is my sister from blood and fortunately she is present with me every single day, at less when she travels but… Yeah!   There are so many things to say about this photo cause truly means a loooot for me and reminds me a loooot of stuff from giovanna (beak one 😉 and the funniest thing that I remember about her is that she always stay mad when someone writes her name like: giovana with 1 ‘n’ and when I’m present I always always write: it’s giovanna with double ‘n’ and she always laugh when I do that and the second thing that I most remember is her laugh, you guys will most likely think this weird but is because her laugh is like a witch and I really laugh with her laugh, this was confuse but… I have a lot of others things to write about this 2 girls who make my day happy, that always help me when I need, that are there for me when I need them!  But my hand never gets tired so now is the time for my blood sis, we use to fight a lot really but we be relaxed in the almost same time, she always wants to give on like mom for me and I stay very upset when she does this but the thing give us no reason to be fight and upset whit each other, I don’t have many things to say about soph (the one behind me) cause is something that is more daily routine and there aren’t anything to talk that is highlighted cause every day is something new, I couldn’t talk little from these two persons that make my day happy!!


Byye, thanks for have read my #storybehindaphoto.   XOXO

A very happy day

309867_418097281603518_900759557_n Has a lot of love in this picture! is an old picture! and  now i´m going to tell the history: Well… is a sunday morning and i´m in my grandpa house, in theese picture are my grandpa Jonas, and my cousin Arthur and this picture happend when we are going to have lunch in my favorite restaurant. Who took this picture was my mom and next to her has my dad and my grandma, was a family lunch. All the times i see this photo i have a happy feeling,  makes me feel good, becouse makes me think how this picture is important for me, becouse is a very very very happy day. That day was my last day with my grandma and the next day was my birthday. But i didn´t keep sad when i see this photo becouse the history that it has is so special for me and i know that day was special for her too, and makes me keep close my grandma even if she doesen´t are in the picture!