A picture with a youtuber

This photo was taked last saturday and is my favorite photo.In these photo i am with my friends: leticia, cecilia and cecilia’s cousin, and an famous youtuber called Felipe Neto. In that day i was so excited because i was going to met a famous people. Before we met him, we wached your play called My life does not make sense in the Rio mar theater. The play was amazing and so funny. When the play ends, i was so nervous because i never met a famous people before. But when i get on the place where he was, hes was so cool with me and we take these picture.I wanted to take a self with him but the securites don’t let anny person take a self with him. After that i go to sleep on leticia’s house because was 01:20 PM and was too late to wake up my parents to open the door.

XX olympics CFC

my mother toke this photo when i was in built-in games of CFC, next to me has my friends,we were so happy because we won the games,we won all the games of the built-in games,that is,we were undefeated. A few days before we were very forward to this games and when we got there we play with strength and race. I like this photo because i remember the games and what we did in this games. Next monday we recived the medals,my friend recived a award for best scorer in voleyball. And after the games my grandpa said (I was very proud of because they played with a ot of race and power and did not giv up anything, always doing everything to win). So i like this photo so much.


the selfie

I taked this photo last year on Active´s Halloween.I was in the school, wen a friend came and sad, “you should it go whit us tonight”, and i sad ok. There was to many persons i a small place so four persons and me go out this place and my friend sad to i take a selfie whit a person using a costume, and i did. IMG_1947

The “Magic” Picture

I remember that, when I took this picture, my  friend said that we’re so crazy and weird to take a picture like that, but I loved it! I don’t like to take photos, so my friends had to ask so many times for me to take pictures with them (and actually, it was my best friend’s birthday, so if I didn’t take a photo with her, she would be mad or something). Well, we took so many beautiful and cute photos, but that’s not my style. I’m the kind of girl that like to take weird photos that make me remind nice moments with my friends or my family. So, I asked for Alline (my friend that said we’re so crazy to take this photo) to take this for me (yes, she took the photo). Amanda (the girl in the left of the picture) and I wanted to take a cool photo or just a photo that described our friendship, so we started to make magic, because magic is crazy, insane, wonderful and beautiful, just like our friendship. That was the moment that I realized that friends are forever, and no matter the distance between us, we’ll be friends, from now to the rest of our lifes.

Isabel Monteiro Mendes

Exibindo IMG_0751.JPG

Me and Parkour

2015-08-16 18.07.57-2 Hi, my name is João, i´m 13 years, and my best sport is Parkour and Free Runnig                                                           in this picture, me and my friend went to Jaqueira Park train parkour. The my friend names is Lucas, and  my name is João, as  already know,i pratice parkour do a little more than two years, and were the best years of my life. It is a rather a somewhat risky sport, but it´s always good to have a bit of adrenalinein the blood.

Parkour in 2010 was considered one of the most dangerous sports in the world. On the internet,  there are many parkour videos,  some errors and warnings about this type of sport.But parkour is not only dangers jumps, acrobatic moves and crazy, Parkour has a whole story a long time ago.

,Now I will talk more about this photo, which was taken over a wall Jaqueira Park, who took the photo was me with the selfie call or front camera, was taken on the night shift and was really cool that day for me , and has taken many falls and tumbles, it was quite fun.

And that was my project talking about me and my favorite sport in the picture.

Thanks for listening.

the farewell

Exibindo Screenshot_2015-09-26-17-27-01~2.jpg

this photo is special to me because it was the day before my friend traveling, she was traveling because of the father, he would start working in Alagoas and she and her mother had to go along, and now she is living in Alagoas and comes to the recife in month.

this party was really cool we made ​​a lot of nonsense , the party was cool even though it was short ,
this because it was a surprise party we did everything yourself , and when we finished we    warn to who was detraindo her at home that we had already done it took her down , but her friend  convinced her down and she was when she arrived down there it was very moved so missing her   cry .

we gave to her several letters and she could only read when I got alagoas.
In the end of the praty we took this photo, when evryone was going to home i stay because    i  will help to clean the assembly room, after we clean the room we go to the pool not to    swim just to sit in the chair, relax and chattin.

after the party, the next day she were traveling and we were all in it to say goodbye ,
because we thought we would see only the vacation , but she comes here to the month in month. these good times no one forgets and because these I will never forget all the good times we  spent and I also never will forget you, I miss you

In this photo I was nine years old and it was in 2011. I went to Miami with my family. I like this picture because it reminds me of one of the best trips of my life. My dad took this photo when my brother and I were playing with a dog and we just looked for the camera and my father took this photo, after we looked if the photo was good, we continue to play and have fun with a puppy. I always dreamed to have a dog. So, this day was awesome, because I was sure that I needed one. Now, I have one, and I’m more than happy with him.

ThisIMG_3366 (2) is my favorite photo of me and my friends: Manuela, Ana Maria, Letícia and Julia.

Manuela (the one who is wearing the Hulk mask) took this photo in the Plaza shopping.

We were walking in the PB kids and Manuela took the Hulk mask and put in her face, after that, me and my friends took other masks. I am the one who is not wearing a marvel mask.

I like this photo because is so different comparing to the others, and I like it because I am with my best friends.

I keep this photo in my cellphone with other photos of this day. 


The perfect pose

FernandaMy favorite photo is the funniest I have, with my best friends.

Our friend, João, took this photo on the first week of the start of our classes at school.

During the break, we were near the teacher’s room, and when we were having our snack, my friend Juliana said to us “we have to take a photo to put on the snapchat” and we agreed with this idea. After we had the snack, we stayed together to do it, but at the exactly moment João was taking the photo, Aninha fell, and fast, she smiled to the camera, doing her best to the photo be great. When João showed us how the photo was, we started to laught!

I love this photo because it’s the funniest we have, and it reminds us this unforgettable day!

We have this photo on our cellphones and in a frame too.

My favorite photo

this is a my favorite photo in my life, but this a perfect. the rockey have a big florest, lakes, mountain and many animais, for exemple, bears, fish and wolf. My mom take a photo in july 2015 in my vacation but I stay in Vancouver . I take a photo on Rokey Mountains, Canada, It´s a my favorite place in the word, but I love nature. My mom it´s a good photografy and pick my cell phone and take a perfect photo, the rockey mountains it´s a new Grup of mauntins, and have crystalline water, in the water peoples play kaiake, the lake is very cold, the rokey mountains it´s a 8 hours than Vancouver the trip is very long, I can´t speak portuguese but the teacher pick my money and I was a many frindly in the trip, a have a brazilians friendly, mexicans friendly and spainshs friendly. I love this photo because I vary happy, I l0ve nature and animals and Canada is a perfect. The photo at my cell phone. The rokey mountains, it´s a new mountains in geografy but, the mountains have a many years ago, in Canada a stay one mouth in the vacation, but a stay four days in Rockey mountains. The Rocky Moutains it´s perfect but is very cold and the trip is very expensive.